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​Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Today we want to tell you our first impressions of the game, but in order not to spoil the surprise too much, we decided not to reveal everything we saw, but only 4 important points you should discover before reviewing. If you like articles like that we truly recommend reading the article that you can find here

We encountered something very similar to what was shown in the European trailer, i.e. a still immature and limping technical section. However, we’d like to give the benefit of the doubt until we have tried the final version of the game. 

Focus on multiplayer 

When you play with your friends, there are no particular restrictions on progressing through the different plots, as each player progresses individually and also collecting items and catching Pokémon doesn’t clash with those of the other friends present; everyone can collect items for themselves and so on.

Goodbye to forced fight 

It’s probably just the attention paid to multiplayer that has led to the first change in the series to a mechanic that had been solidified since Red, Green and Blue, or rather, that you can’t escape combat when the eyes of two trainers cross. Well, for the first time, trainers on the map don’t necessarily block you in a fight when you come into their field of vision, but you have to seek the fight directly by talking to them.

Pokemon without barriers 

Then there is the question of the open world: does it really work? Of course, the answer to this question will only come with the final test, but we immediately noticed how Game Freak has tried to make Paldea full of canyons, caves and other areas to be discovered. In our play session, we found ourselves wandering aimlessly for almost half the time, just exploring, much like you did in LPA.

The formula was already interesting in Pokémon Legends and here it seems to have been further refined. It gives us the opportunity to move freely around the map to have our own personal adventure. Movements are facilitated by the presence of Koraidon/Miraidon (depending on the version chosen), which play the role of multifunctional mounts that can take us to the ground, sky and sea without interruption, whereas in Pokémon Legends it was necessary to change the Pokémon chosen.


Finally, we’d like to point out that Game Freak has also taken an important step forward in the customisation of our avatar, finally introducing many options that allow you to let your imagination run wild. Customisation is also completely free for both male and female characters, so there are no gender restrictions on the use of clothing, accessories and hairstyles.

At the character creation stage, you can access many of these options immediately, especially in terms of basic hairstyles, hair colour and many elements of the face such as eyes, eyebrows and so on. The editor can then be accessed again at any time to change clothes and accessories even while exploring. The constant change of the character’s appearance is also encouraged by the new photo mode, which invites us to take increasingly creative shots, even in the company of our Pokémon.

Do you plan to try it?

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