10 Best Things to do in Costa Rica in 2022!

Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most popular vacation spots because of its calm & serene beaches, lush rainforests, incredible volcanoes, and exotic biodiversity. Travelers from around the world visit Costa Rica to enjoy family-friendly activities, delectable cuisine, and a luxurious vacation with family and friends. Every day of yours in Costa Rica will be no less than a paradise, ideal for enjoying snorkeling, hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving, and much more.  

One vacation and so many recommendations might overwhelm you. But it is a fact that planning a vacation itinerary is not easy. Therefore, we have compiled some popular activities and things to do in Costa Rica here. Choose any of these must-do activities listed below for an unforgettable Costa Rican trip – 

  1. Take a Walk-Through Coffee Plantations: Costa Rica is known to produce some of the best coffee in the world. The soil is fertile and rich, the temperature is warm, and it receives consistent rainfall, responsible for producing high-quality coffee beans. If you are a coffee lover, enjoy delicious coffee and take a coffee plantation tour to learn more about the coffee plantation in Costa Rica during your trip.  
  2. Enjoy Hiking at Arenal Volcano National Park: This park is a famous travelers’ destination in Costa Rica with smoldering tops and lava beds. The cool lava beds are the best hiking trails for beginners. By hiring a local guide to explore the forests, you can enjoy the true beauty of Costa Rican flora and fauna. It will be the best way to spot species of monkeys, different birds, flowers, & plants.  
  3. Try Ziplining: Costa Rica is renowned for its spectacular views and extended cables running over the lushest rainforest you’ll ever see. There are many excellent locations for an incredible ziplining experience for everyone. Whether a professional zip liner or a first-timer, you will love ziplining through the rainforest while enjoying the beauty of volcanoes and hillsides.  
  4. Enjoy an Incredible Surfing Experience: It’s no surprise surfing is on the list of the best things to do in Costa Rica because Costa Rica receives the best waves in Central America. Tourists, including professionals and newbies, gather at the hottest surfing spots in Costa Rica, like Jaco and Playa Hermosa, to enjoy the excellent surfing experience with yearly waves and warm sun-kissed water. 
  5. Visit Manuel Antonio National Park: You should visit this park to experience wildlife and adventure. Its tropical plants and wildlife are well-known, like three-toed sloths and the endangered white-faced capuchin monkeys. Also, one can explore rainforest trails and hike along mountain trails here. Above all, rainfall enhances the forest’s beauty even more. 
  6. Try Kayaking: Kayaking is considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience among visitors to Costa Rica. This fantastic water-based activity is a must-do if you wish to explore the hidden gems of Costa Rica like parks, rainforests, and waterfalls that are not accessible by motorboats. Noiseless kayaks are also available giving you an opportunity to spot hidden and shy wildlife species of Costa Rica. Birdwatchers will also get a chance to get close to rare Costa Rican birds like the resplendent quetzal, trogon, keel-billed toucans, blue-crowned motmot, and many more. Additionally, the marine life of Costa Rica also becomes more visible when you are on a coastal kayak tour. 
  7. Set Sail on a Sunset Cruise:  If you want to go on a romantic holiday in Costa Rica, a sunset cruise is what you should choose. It’s an ideal activity in Costa Rica for couples. The cruise provides all modern amenities and services like an open bar, shower area, restrooms, and a salon.  You also get ample places to relax and have drinks peacefully while enjoying the sunset. It’s an ideal activity in Costa Rica for couples. As far as the types of sunset cruise tours are concerned, you have many options. One of the most popular cruises is where you and your partner can enjoy stargazing after the gorgeous sunset view. Likewise, you can go on a cruise featuring adventure sports like snorkeling and wildlife sightings. 
  8. Try Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: If you are a water baby looking for something more than kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling are for you. The pacific coastline has many spots where you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving and see incredible marine life.  
  9. Go Canyoneering in Costa Rica: For those looking for an adventure, consider canyoneering in Costa Rica. It is a fun activity in which you use ropes and harnesses to explore a rocky canyon. You can climb, jump, and scramble up and down the rocky landscape. Canyoneering is also known as waterfall rappelling when done near a waterfall.  
  10. Indulge in a Luxurious Stay at Villa Firenze: A vacation is perfectly planned only when you can successfully find an excellent place to spend time with your family. Well, Villa Firenze, a luxury villa in Costa Rica, can be an answer to this question. This luxurious villa in Eco-Golf Estates of the Los Sueños Resort & Marina has everything you need for a comfortable, safe, secure, and private stay in Costa Rica. Amenities like the infinity pool, games room, gorgeous suites, and a private helipad will make your stay memorable. Also, it is near a golf course, beaches, waterfalls, and a natural park, making it easy to enjoy your vacation without traveling far from the villa. If you want to go on a tour to explore the Arenal Volcano and Arenal lake, you can book a Heli tour through Villa Firenze. The private helipad facility in the villa is unique. By booking a Heli tour, you can have a personal volcano tour with your family and friends and enjoy your vacation without compromising your privacy, security, comfort, and luxury. A Heli tour will give you an all-new perspective of Costa Rica.

You can fit these activities and places in Costa Rica into your itinerary based on your choice and preference. But no matter where you go and what you do, you will surely experience warm Costa Rican culture and nature’s beauty everywhere during your trip.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Q. Where is Costa Rica?  

Costa Rica (officially the Republic of Costa Rica) is in Central America, with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. It shares borders with Panama in the southeast and Nicaragua in the north.    

Q. What is Costa Rica famous for?  

Costa Rica is famous for national parks, waterfalls, incredible volcanoes, scenic mountain tours, and tropical flora and fauna.  

Q. Which is the best time to visit Costa Rica?  

Costa Rica is a country with diverse landscapes and varied temperature zones. But you can visit here year long as both the rainy and dry seasons have a lot to offer. So, the choice is entirely yours whether you want to explore Costa Rica in light, fleeting rain or bright sunshine.  

Q. What are the romantic things to do in Costa Rica? 

Costa Rica is ideal for adventure lovers, but there are many options for romantic getaways too. Exploring white-sand beaches, enjoying the sunset on private boat tours, and enjoying a luxurious vacation will make for a perfect romantic getaway for couples in Costa Rica.   

Q. In how many days can I explore Costa Rica?  

We recommend spending around 10 to 15 days in Costa Rica to enjoy your vacation.  

Q. What should I pack for a trip to Costa Rica?  

We recommend packing both summer and rain essentials for your Costa Rican trip. You can carry an umbrella, rain jackets, and waterproof bags during the rainy season. And, when visiting in the dry season, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and full-sleeved shirts.  

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