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10 Common Roofing Problems and Solutions

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Roofs are expensive to install and replace, so most homeowners would rather keep their existing roofs in good condition until it becomes necessary to replace them. Keeping those Helmuth Roofing in good shape often requires constant roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance practices. As a homeowner, roof maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your roofing material, however, it does not safeguard against common roofing problems.

This article explores the 10 common roofing problems you’re likely to face and the solutions to keep your roof intact and in shape.

Overhanging Tree Limbs

Not all common roofing problems are your fault. In fact, over 60% of factors that can destroy your roof are out of your control. Overhanging tree limbs can damage your roof, especially when they break and fall. The impact force can damage the affected area, breaking or cracking the shingles and creating enough space for moisture problems to develop.

This is one of the few problems you can control by ensuring tree limbs are properly trimmed. Contact your roofing contractor if an overhanging tree limb has fallen on your roof or if a heavy wind has hurled a tree limb at your roof.

Blocked Or Damaged Gutters

Rain gutters are attached to the roof to guide rainwater, ice, and snow away from your roof and property. Over time, rain gutters may become blocked, leading to stagnant water problems. The stagnant water may overflow and cause streaks on your wall or compromise your roofing material to cause roof rot and related problems.

Detecting this problem early can save you a lot of money, especially as your roofer can easily replace the affected areas. You can subsequently prevent this problem by cleaning the rain gutter regularly.

Roof Leaks

Many factors, including the age of your roofing material, can cause roof leaks. This problem can often be detected from common signs like water streaks on the wall, damaged insulation, brown spots on the ceilings, mold and mildew spread, etc. This problem can cause extensive water damage when left ignored for a long time.

Solving this problem involves contacting your roofing contractor for a full roofing inspection. The contractor can suggest the right steps to take after inspecting the problem.

Poor Ventilation

It may sound strange, but your roof also needs to breathe. Poor ventilation, in most cases, is caused by bad installation service or damaged soffits and gutters. When left unattended, your roof may experience a buildup of moisture and dampness, which may cause mold and mildew problems.

If you are experiencing this problem, contact your roofing contractor for roof repairs. If caught early, you may be lucky to get minor roof repairs with less expensive repair costs.

Flashing Failures

Flashing is the material installed around protrusions like chimneys, skylights, satellite dishes, or roof vents. These materials can wear off for many reasons, including inclement weather. When worn, the spaces around the protrusions become open and often lead to roof leaks which can be dangerous to the roof and property.

This problem is often caught during maintenance practices like roof inspections. Your roofer can address it by sealing the areas around such protrusions with caulking or other sealing materials.

Improper DIY Projects

Most homeowners try to save money by addressing roofing problems on their own. While homeowners are encouraged to be proactive, they may sometimes further damage their roofs due to a lack of experience or expertise.

Solving the problems caused by poor DIY attempts involves contacting certified roofers to take a look at the issue and fix it appropriately.

Roof Gaps

Most roofing problems don’t start in a day. In most instances, the contraction and expansion of roofing materials due to temperature extremes can cause the material to shift place, thus creating gaps for water and moisture to seep through. As with most roofing problems, this can only be detected during a roof inspection or when the property owner sees signs of water damage and leaks.

Contact your roofer for a thorough inspection of the roof. They can also recommend the next line of action.

Wear And Tear

Roof wear and tear is a common phenomenon and can happen to any roof. It is caused by the effect of age and weather elements on the roof. This problem is gradual but can be addressed through re-roofing and roof restoration strategies.

Lack Of Ongoing Maintenance

Roofs have an expected lifespan that may be cut short when proper maintenance steps are not taken. As a property owner, this is one of your responsibilities. An ongoing roof maintenance practice can help you save money by detecting and fixing roofing issues quickly and before they become expensive problems.

Low-Quality Repairs And Installations

A solid roof combines two important factors; top quality materials and excellent installation service. Hiring a low-quality roofer can compromise your roof’s integrity and lifespan. You can save yourself from the stress and added costs by hiring a professional to handle the task once.

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