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10 Essentials Every Outdoor Space Needs

Decorating an outdoor space is fun. You can let your imagination run wild and use all sorts of accessories to spruce up your patio. You may go for a minimalist décor or something more ornate. But even with the space for experimentation, you need to be practical in your approach towards giving your outdoor a facelift. So, how do you go about it? What are the accessories that help in turning your outdoor space into the best lounge in the neighbourhood? Let’s have a look.

1. Chaise Lounges

A patio is incomplete in summer and spring without a nice pair of chaise lounges. These wooden recliners let you and your guests spend some fun time in the sun. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen and shades though! 

2. A Grill or A Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Barbeque in the sun is all you need to raise the fun-quotient on a sunny day. A simple grill does the trick. But a simple modular kitchen setup is the accessory you need to make things more practical. It doesn’t have to be a whole kitchen! A setup with a few shelves to hold the utensils, dinnerware and other essentials does the trick.

3. Side Table

A steel patio side table is not only a must-have accessory; it is also a piece of furniture that has the power to transform the look of your patio. A patio side table can hold your books, victuals and other essentials, and augment the décor of your patio all at the same time. 

4. Aluminium footrests

Chilling in the patio is all about relaxing. Why should your feet be deprived? If you don’t have recliners and hate dragging dirt onto your outdoor couch with your feet, use an aluminium footrest. Deceptively stylish, these durable accessories add a touch of class to your overall décor. 

5. The Outdoor Umbrella 

We can’t tell you enough about the utility of the outdoor umbrella! It is a must-have accessory that you cannot give a miss if you are planning to turn your patio into a lounge. A portable shade solution, the commercial outdoor umbrella protects you from the harmful UV radiation and sporadic showers while you have all the fun in the sun.

They come in a variety of iterations like the outdoor café umbrella for your restaurant, the pool umbrella for your poolside, the large cantilever umbrella for those really sprawling outdoor spaces, and the industrial outdoor umbrella to turn an outdoor space into a commercially viable business-place.  

You can choose from a wide variety of frame-materials like corrosion resistant alloys, fibreglass and wood. The canopy becomes your personal canvas and you can ask your outdoor café umbrella manufacturer to customise it for you with your brand colours and logo. From two-tiered tops, and scalloped valances, to alternating bands of contrasting fabric – you can choose a canopy design that suits your fashion sense. 

You have the liberty to choose from a wide range of canopy shapes and sizes. The octagonal, square and rectangular canopies are the ones that attract the most number of customers. The canopy fabric is made up of materials like olefin, polyester and acrylic. They are UV and water-proof and extremely durable. 

6. Outdoor String Lights

A cool lighting setup can lend your patio a magical vibe. Evenings spent in an outdoor space illuminated by ambient light can be a rewarding experience for your guests. Outdoor string lights are simple accessories that are easy to install, and give great value for money. With the little that you spend for outdoor string lights, you get a whole lot of mesmerising ambient light. 

7. Outdoor Pouf 

Comfy, inexpensive and practical – that’s how we describe the Moroccan Pouf. They are a great accessory to have for your seating arrangement. Your guests will love the cushy feel of your outdoor poufs and you can choose from a wide variety of designer prints for the pouf’s cover. 

8. Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs lend your patio an indoor feel. The bare flooring begins to resemble the floor of one of your rooms and your feet don’t complain either. Outdoor rugs are made of durable, UV and stain resistant materials that can withstand the elements. The material is different from what is used for making living room rug. They don’t unravel easily and can last really long despite being constantly tread on.

9. Outdoor Dining Table and Fire-Pit Table

The outdoor dining table is a must-have accessory. It lets you and your guests enjoy leisurely meals out in the open. The outdoor tables are normally made of hard-wood that doesn’t rot away easily in rain or shine. A modern iteration of the outdoor table is the fire-pit table. It uses propane gas to keep the fire burning so that you can have some nice, hot meals in really cool evenings. 

10. Conversation Sofa-set and Pillows

What is an outdoor space without an L-shaped Conversation Sofa-set! This cushy seating arrangement can turn your evening-conversations into an enchanting experience. The conversation sofa sets are made from weatherproof materials that are extremely durable. Use a patio sofa cover to make them last really long. Some nice outdoor pillows can add to the style and comfort of the outdoor sofa-set. A mix of soft fabric and funky design can turn your outdoor pillows into your personalised fashion statement. 

Ideas galore when it comes to designing your perfect outdoor patio! Use your fashion sense and eye for detail to convert your humdrum outdoor space into the perfect lounge you always wanted. 

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