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10 Fast and Humanely Ways to Get Rid of Rats from Your Property

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Does a running rat in your kitchen frighten you? Do they make their way into your place even after many remedies? If yes, it’s time to schedule professional rodent control services. The pest controllers use effective methods, strategies and treatments to remove and prevent rat infestation. Apart from hiring experts, here is what you can do to keep these tiny monsters at bay:

1. Remove Food Sources

The most significant reason rats find your property comfortable is the easy assess to food. Mice live snacking on seeds, grains, and dry fruits, but they can eat anything they get. So, to eliminate their infestation, you should secure your food and use sealed tins and airtight containers to store grains.

2. Get Rid of Nesting Materials

Apart from food, if you have nesting material available for rats to use, they won’t leave your property. Mice gather pet hair, papers, and similar material to build a nest. So, regularly clean your floor, inspect your home’s every nook and cranny and remove these materials. Also, keep an eye on your yard because many items in there may attract rats.

3. Use Sound

Some ultrasonic sounds can deter rodents. You can buy these devices from a local hardware shop or online merchants. These applications are safe for your kids and pets too. The deep sound scares the pest off and keeps them at bay. Isn’t it amazing? You can also ask experts that offer the best pest control for mice about which device to buy as they specialize in rodent behavior.

4. Get a Cat

We all know that cats and rats are enemies. The presence of a cat alone will deter rodents. They may rush outside your home within a minute if they feel a presence of a cat around. Mice smell the cat lurking around and run away from that property. If no one in your family is allergic to a cat, adopt one. They are cute and snuggly too!
5. Seal Entry Points

Like humans, mice are always looking for a cosy place to rest. They hide in warm places when the temperature dips. But, these innocent-looking pests may spread diseases, contaminate food and destroy assets indoors. So, hire rodent control services to inspect your property and seal every hole and crack in your foundation, walls, windows, doors and other areas.

6. Unclutter Your Place

The reason rats are finding your place comfortable to spend their lives can be the stack of newspapers and unattended basement. The messier your home is, the more mice will love it. Rodents are introverts and like to be in dark places where no one will interact with them. You can let them leave your home by removing the mess.

7. Cleanliness is the Enemy of All Pests

If you don’t clean the spills on kitchen counters, let the dishes unattended for the entire night, or don’t clean and check on the storeroom, you are inviting rats and making your place convenient for them. Yes, that’s true! However, you can keep these and many other insects away by being a cleaning ninja. Remember, all pests hate being in a clean, spotless and dust-free place.

8. Use Natural Mice Repellents

You can use peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, cloves and apple cider vinegar to keep rats away. Soak cotton balls with these liquid repellents and keep them in the corners. That’s it.

9. Try Live Traps

Libe traps catch the rats alive and do not hurt them or your pets. It’s a box or cage that traps mice within a few days. So, you can place these traps in corners and catch a mouse. Then, you can release it a mile away from your home. You can also hire specialists that provide the best pest control for mice to remove them.

10. Make Your Yard Less Attractive for Rodents

Most pests won’t even consider entering a well-trimmed, clean, hygienic yard. Like us, they can judge a place’s value by its outer look. If they find it utterly clean and pleasant smelling, they will reject your home before entering it.

Suppose you have tried all these hacks and didn’t hear from those unwanted guests again; congratulations! You won that fight. But, hiring professionals that offer the best pest control for mice is always recommended. The experts will inspect your place and detect the root causes attracting rats to your property.

Zoom Pest Control is a leading name in the pest control industry. Our services are genuine and fruitful. We guarantee the removal of pests and the safety of your place with effective pest control treatments. So, call us now and talk to the experts to find out more about our rodent control services. Hurry up!

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