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10 Must-Try Dishes in The Non-Vegetarian Restaurants of Pune

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Being in Pune, you will be surrounded with lots of cuisines and food choices. But being in Maharashtra, you must try the non veg restaurants where you can feel the authenticity of non-vegetarian food powered by this state. Here you will find the top 10 non-vegetarian dishes that you must enjoy residing at your home in Pune.    

Kolhapuri Chicken   

Maharashtra region is famous for adding a spicy flavor to almost everything. However, the Kolhapuri region is a prominent region offering wholesome spiciness in most of its food. So, you must try the Kolhapuri chicken made at the non veg restaurants in Pune. This dish is particularly made with green chutney and spicy curries. Firstly, the chicken is marinated for hours, followed by the cooking process. Lately, it is served with rice to balance the flavor. This is something you will definitely enjoy in the city.   

Mutton Rassa   

Mutton rassa is one of the best ideas if you want to enjoy the amazing flavors of mutton in small bites. In this, mutton is chopped into small pieces and cooked in traditional Maharashtrian spices. If you are thinking of ordering something mouth-watering, tangy, and full of flavors, then you can try out mutton rassa from the non veg restaurants in Pune. One definitely needs culinary skills to prepare this delicious Maharashtrian dish. However, its authenticity can be easily spotted at Swiggy with the top-notch restaurants available with master chefs for curating the best taste.    

Mutton Handi   

This delectable gravy is one of the best innovations in Maharashtra. In this, red chilly powder and turmeric play a key role in preparing the flavors of the meat. Take your taste buds on the ride of joy with the non veg restaurants offering the finest handi dish. The delicacy is savored with naan bread and is a perfect meal for dinner. Moreover, the goodness of herbs topped on the gravy makes it even more tempting. You will surely never be over with the richness of the taste curated in this food.    

Chicken Malvani   

The obsession of coconut for Maharashtrians can never be over. And chicken Malvani is clear proof of it. This sweet yet spicy delicacy of chicken is made in coconut gravy. The mix of all the spices with coconut makes it one of the unique and must-tries in Pune. Not every non veg restaurant can empower this dish, but the ones who do can surely take you to heaven. The reason is how the ingredients are matched and blended with one another and enriched with coconut.    

Chicken Varhadi   

Varhadi is the ultimate food indulgence that originated from the Vidarbha, I.e., the Eastern region of Pune. This region masters not just the ingredients but the unique style of cooking, leading to a wholesome flavor burst. In this, the chicken is minced in spicy flavors and then taken to the earthen pot for intense cooking for hours. This renders spicy and earthy flavors in the chicken so that you can have a flavor burst in each bite. Order from the non veg restaurants in Pune to get this luxury to your dinner plate.    

Mutton Fry Thali   

This is not something ordinary. This is something extraordinary, delicious, and surprisingly unique. This thali from Maharashtra truly justifies the heaven of mutton. In this, mutton is chopped into small pieces and kept for marination for hours. Further, it is fried with numerous spices such that every mutton chunk is diluted in flavor. Special herbs also play a key role in elevating the flavor and appeal of this delightful mutton dish. Visit the nonveg restaurants online to grab a wholesome range of fried mutton thali, where every bite matters.    

Dongri Mutton   

This succulent dish in non veg restaurants can take you to another era. In this, the dish is cooked in onion and coconut pound until it reaches the figure of perfection. Pick the piece to let it fall off the bone, make it even more worthy of drooling, and ensure a tender taste in each bite. You can either take this with Indian bread or savor it directly if you are willing to test the authenticity of this unique delicacy in Maharashtra.    

Malwani Prawn Curry   

If you are a seafood lover, then this dish is made perfectly for you. Here prawns are cooked perfectly unless it reaches the mark of tender taste. In this, coconut is again brought into emphasis by creating a delicious gravy. Further, the Malwani flavor is added to the dish to create a unique and one-of-a-kind flavor. This delightful seafood is one of the prominent food choices in the non veg restaurants available right in Pune.   


This is another unique dish that almost every nonveg lover orders from non veg restaurants. Vajadi is basically the intestine of goats that is cooked deeply in flavors for a rich taste. Made in mild curry and cooked amongst herbs, this is something worth savoring and enjoying to the fullest.    

Kharda Chicken    

If you have a knack for spicy food to shake your taste buds, then Kharda chicken is so much for you. This spicy dish is made in green Maharashtrian chutney. But most importantly, the chutney is made by pounding peanuts and green chilies together. This fits a finely spicy taste palette that you would love to have for a dinner night. So, order from the nonveg restaurants straight away to make it happen.    

These are the mouth-watering non-veg delicacies that you can easily find in the non veg restaurants of Pune. You only must look for these online at Swiggy, which is ready to tantalize your taste buds with the best food from the best restaurants to deliver to your doorstep. For this, you just have to head to the website and book your food mood for the day. The meal will be at your home in no time. Visit online to find out more about it.    


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