10 Reasons to Invest in Branded Pop up Tents

It is not going to be a cakewalk for you to stand out and establish your brand in a sea of competitors where every business is vying for customer attention. But you can be the star of any event if you have a high-quality custom-printed pop up tent. Whether it’s a trade show, festival, flea market, or any other vendor event, a branded pop up tent will get you noticed by potential clients and investors.

Tents and events are a marketing match made in heaven! Here are the ten reasons you should consider investing in a branded pop up canopy tent for your next event.

1. Gain brand exposure

If you don’t make a great first impression, you miss the chance to catch your prospects’ eyes. Turn to a custom-printed tent with canopy to boost brand exposure and visibility, particularly at trade shows, corporate gatherings, or other promotional events. Remember that the most exposure your company gets – the higher the leads, profits, and revenue. A custom pop up tent is perfect for crowded events where you want to attract, entice and engage potential clients and customers.

2. Visually appealing

If your trade show booth or event tent is shabby and boring, it is unlikely that a lot of people will stop by. If you want to grab the passers-by’s attention and get noticed, you need a vibrant, eye-catchy branded pop up tent with your company’s name and logo. A custom tent offers a lot of display space to show off creative graphic prints in striking color schemes and designs to advertise your brand. A visually-attractive custom tent gives you a chance to attract and engage with a potential lead.

3. Professional look

If you are looking to catch the attention of your target audience, remember that the attendees are more likely to stop by if you have an attractive and professional-looking custom tent rather than a generic one. You can choose the tent size and customize it to give a professional touch. 

However, when you are exhibiting at a trade show or convention, generally, the allotted booth space is just enough to set up a 10×10 tent. So, it is better to learn about the available space for your upcoming event.

4. Protection against the elements

In addition to brand exposure and attractive canopy design, a pop up tent provides good coverage for harsh weather. It guarantees your staff and customers a comfortable shade under direct sunlight. In colder weather, you can consider adding accessories like tent sidewalls to keep your guests warm and protected. Make sure you choose a tent manufacturer that offers waterproof tents for protection during rainy days. 

In outdoor events or crowded places, you will gain massive traction as the brand that ‘protected’ people during unpleasant weather.

5. Safety and Durability 

While marketing your business at events, it is not just about how your tent looks. Your business needs a canopy tent that is sturdy and holds well in bad weather conditions. 

A high-quality branded pop up tent with a steel or aluminum frame boasts excellent structural integrity that can withstand gusty winds and rainfall. Make sure the outdoor tent you purchase is made of fire-retardant, UV-resistant, and waterproof material to get maximum value for money for a long time. Such a tent can also withstand the wear and tear of outdoor events in crowded venues.

6. Portable

Custom canopies are designed with reusability in mind. Depending on the tent size, they can be lightweight and easily carried by one person. Even the big ones are portable enough to transport from one location to another without hassle. Just fold them up and throw them into the back of your truck or car for quick transport. They can be easily stored or transported in any vehicle you use for transporting your other marketing goods. 

Some manufacturers offer portable outdoor canopy tents with carrying cases included, allowing you to keep everything protected and in one place.

7. Easy setup

When you go to an event, the last thing you want to worry about is setting up a complex tent structure. A portable outdoor canopy should be easy to set up and take down. You don’t have to wrestle with an awkward setup when you get to your event location.

Please note that small-sized 10×10 tents can be easily installed by a single person in a matter of minutes. For larger tents, you might need some help from another crew member.

8. Maximum flexibility

You can get your branded pop up tent in different sizes and style options, offering maximum flexibility for your event needs. Some businesses prefer to keep it simple with 10×10 tents, while others like to go big by using 13×26 pop up tents to engage a bigger audience.

9. Great for all occasions

Whether going to a trade show, indoor expo, fun festival, or any outdoor event, custom pop up tents with canopy are so versatile that you can use them almost anywhere. They are already a favorite amongst vendors who frequently participate in trade shows and outdoor events. The branded tents can also work well as a refreshment stand, ticket counter, information or sales stand – literally anything that needs a sheltered space to operate outdoors.

10.  A great investment in your business

While buying a custom printed event tent can be slightly expensive in terms of upfront money that you have to invest, it makes an excellent long-term investment. It helps your business save a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted on renting tents for every occasion. Not only do they accommodate all your guests and protect them from the hot sun or a chilly wind but also help advertise your brand and promote your services wherever you go. This double-duty act of servitude to the public makes custom tents a favorite for small businesses and their customers.

Final Thoughts

Once you get your hands on a custom printed pop up tent, you will wonder how you did without it! A pop up tent shelters you in bad weather, creates awareness about your brand, and allows you to take it anywhere. Any business wanting to make a lasting impression during an event should invest in a branded pop up tent. Take your time to select the right size and design for your custom canopy to make the most of it.

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