10 Short 4c Hairstyle in Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2023

Having 4C curly hair is a blessing and you should embrace it in every way possible because getting this natural texture genetically, is blissful but rare. Well, don’t feel sad. If you don’t have 4C natural curly hair to yourself, you can get 4C curly hair extensions in human hair easily these days. Brands like Indique provide a wide range of 4C curly hair and you can try them on and fulfill your fantasy of those springy bouncy curls. But let us first begin with the fact that 4C curly hair are not just the bouquet of scrunched-up curls. It has the capacity and ability to transform itself into different hairstyles and that is why we are here with some of the magnificent haircuts that you can give a shot at with your 4C curly hair. So be ready to note down all.

Pixy Spice

The super edgy avatar of 4C curly hair that you can do with the pieces of denim. It looks very natural, makes it even more dramatic with the 4C curly hair texture, and is super easy to maintain. This haircut goes very well with the set of big earrings if you want to glam it up.

Frizz Surprise

Yes! You heard it absolutely right. The 4C curly hair is known for the tight Ringletts, and to play with this texture one notch up, Ask your hairdresser to tease comb, or blow dry. Use a hairbrush with a flat base and then start brushing the hair in the upper direction. It will loosen up the curls and create a little frizzy look but give you a fine hair blob. It looks super cute if you put some fancy hair accessories to it and looks pretty perfect with flowy dresses. It has a little Bohemian feel to it that you can wear, while you’re heading out to the clubs, museums, or some art galleries.

Trim To Best

Who said that the 4C curly hair can show its beauty in long hair? You can have it even with the 2-inch long hair. Have a zero cut or a totally faded haircut as it is called these days. The 4C curly hair texture starts from the very root so that little zigzag pattern will be very easily defined on your scalp. It looks super modern and trendy. Wearing this hairstyle with bright colors pops up your face in a very fashionable way.

Round Afro

The classic and timeless, 4C curly haircut will stay in fashion always. Just let your Afro hair be free. No need to do any kind of partitions. Go to your stylist and ask them to give it a trim so that it forms a round curvature around your face. It looks very adorable and very modern at the same time. The best kind of Afro hairstyle with 4C curly hair extensions if you want to highlight your cheekbones.

Afro Mohawk

This hairstyle screams sassiness from every angle. The regular mohawk itself is quite a style statement wheeler. There is attention to the face because of the decided hair volume at the specific regions. Just decide the specific regions where your hair is looking more Dramatic because of the texture, and the overall haircut is more appealing. It goes very well with biker outfits and if you are planning to go on some travel adventure, you should put this haircut into consideration.

Hanging Bangs

Having 4C curly hair bangs is just like as they are a curtain that is covering your forehead. If you have a broad forehead, this haircut is a must-try. The beautiful, 4C curly hair ringlets are going to embrace your facial features and will sit nicely on your forehead, and give you a feminine and quirky hairstyle. If you wish, you can even play with the colors so that the face-framing is done better. Consult your hair stylist on this, they can guide you better.

Hair Tattoo Updo

Why limit yourself to doing the tattoos on your body when you can get all crazy with your hair too? Yes doing hair tattoos has been recently a trend and it is being loved and appreciated worldwide. The best part about this is that you are not going to face any kind of needle piercing and still get a fabulous design on your head that can last for quite a long time. When you go to your stylist, make sure that you choose that side of your head, which you consider as your good profile for the portion of your tattoo. Now find some interesting symmetrical designs that you want your stylist to trim from your hair and on the other side, you can embrace your beautiful, 4C curly hair. You can do this tattoo updos either in the left or right profile or can even do it at the nape of your back.

Fade with pineapple

You might have heard about the pineapple curly hairstyle in which all your hair is pointed towards the crown area, and with the help of the scarf they are tied. Now, this similar hairstyle is to be done in the shape of a haircut. All you have to do is add a portion where your headband was coming. You have to ask your stylist to give you a faded haircut, and all the volume goes on the top. Firstly, it will give you the illusion of a pineapple curly top. Secondly, it will also bring a lot of attention to your crown area with the voluminous 4C hair texture. It will make your face look elongated and you will be able to have more modes- like Instagram photos.

Army Sleek

By the name of it, you might have guessed that this hairstyle is very sleek and tidy. In this haircut, there is no need to keep an extra length. You just have to ask a stylist basically to give you a bowl cut and the roots sprouting of your 4C curly hair should be firmly brushed to keep the integrity of texture intact. It is a good haircut to go for in a professional environment.


So yes, here we are at the end of the blog with some of the amazing haircut ideas you can go for if you wish to embrace your 4C curly hair texture. The best part about these haircuts is that you’d really not require a lot of lengths to experiment with them. Even if you have 6 inches of 4C hair with you, I think most of the haircuts mentioned above will be able to pull out the expected results. Just keep in mind the following things while you are going for a cut. Ask your stylist not to excessively heat style them. make sure you learn the basics of maintaining the overall look once you go back home Go for human hair extension brands that allow you to experiment with the hair without any fear of them being spoiled with heat or other chemical factors. Just if you take these steps into mind, trust us that you are going to have an amazing experience with the 4C curly hair texture. Just make sure you buy extensions from good brands if you don’t have them naturally. Have fun and make it more memorable by participating in this Mothers Day Sale It is super simple to do. Give your mom this time and express how much you love her. Get a chance to save upto 50% Off

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