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10 Tips On How To Clean Walls

Cleaning is a huge aspect of the home. A whole lot of people out there love to clean their homes and most times they want to clean surfaces like their walls but end up doing it the wrong way.

Why do I say this? In a bid to clean your walls, you might end up staining the paints or even fade them away. Littleton painting contractors  would give you more exposure to this. If you have been looking for helpful tips on how to clean your walls then it is advisable to stick to this article as I’ll be sharing 10 Tips to clean your wall.

10 Helpful Tips On How To Clean Walls

Go easy on not so durable types of finishes

What do I mean by the not so durable types of finishes? They are the matte, eggshell and satin types of finishes. These finishes are not so durable so it is not advisable to go hard on them. If you do then you might be putting the walls at risk of fading away in terms of color.

Know that gloss and semi gloss finishes are tough

You would have noticed already that there is an emphasis on finishes. Your finishes are very important things to consider when you want to clean your wall. Semi gloss and gloss finishes are known to be very durable so you should not use hard cleaning materials on them as they are tough on their own. 

Make use of warm water to clean paints

It is best practice to use warm water when you want to clean your walls more especially when it is a latex type of paint. The reason for using warm water is just so that you do not get to affect the painting in a harsh way. Also, you would be able to maintain its color by using warm water.

Be careful when you use oil based paints

These could be called the shiny types of paints. You should be mindful of the things you are using when you want to clean them. As stated earlier, you shouldn’t go so tough on them and you should make use of warm water when you want to clean.

Clean safely

Cleaning safely involves you using the right techniques when you want to clean. Do not make use of hard brush or any material that is capable of breaking the wall or make it fade away.

Dust your walls with a dry cloth before cleaning

Dirt has a way of sticking to a wall most especially when you do not dust it before you start the erasing process. Let’s see an example, before a person applies polish to his/her shoe he is meant to dust or wipe it first before he goes on with it. Polishing with the dust on it might make no difference at all because with time, it would come back to its normal form. You would not want this for your wall.

Avoid making use of harsh solutions

Harsh solutions include bleach, extremely hot water or even extremely hard scrubbing materials. If you make use of these, you would expose your wall to peeling or fading away fast. Just make sure you go soft when you want to clean your wall.

Do it in the right manner

People say what is worth doing is worth doing well! You should ensure you try cleaning your wall in the right manner.

Place your focus on the stains

The stains on your wall are what is making you clean it. Why then do you want to digress from the supposed focus? Focus on the stain and avoid dashing unnecessarily into other parts of the wall.

Practice regularly

If you are able to practice all of these techniques,then you would become a pro at cleaning your wall.

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