10 tips to Avoid Locksmith fraud in NYC

Making sure to keep you safe from locksmith scammers..

It’s certainly not an easy task to find a Locksmith service in NYC that is reliable as locksmith scams are increasing day by day. Scammers only target the people who are in a rush to get their service and need immediate assistance. The locksmith fraud is the worst experience one might get in return for a call for help.

Here’s a list of tips that may prevent you from scammers.

1- Identification and License

Whenever you are hiring a locksmith in NYC make sure you check their identification and the license too.

Since, It’s illegal to work as a locksmith company without a license so don’t work with non-licensed individuals.

2- Beware of extra-low prices

If the locksmith company tells you charges which are too lower than the standard ones then it’s a red flag for you.

Also If the locksmith person doesn’t bother to inquire about the expenses and offers you incredibly low charges then never get into their scam.

3- Ask for a written estimate

You must always ask for a written estimate when hiring a locksmith in NYC. This will prevent you from any hidden fees and additional labor charges they might take after getting the work done. If they are getting reluctant in providing it then it indicates that they might be a fraud.

4- Ask for vehicle identification

A legitimate and authentic locksmith company will always send their workers in a vehicle on which their respective logo. Also, the vehicle must contain required tools and other details like phone numbers and their website mentioned. You should never trust if the vehicle isn’t professional looking as it might be a fraud.

 5- Onsite estimate should match the written estimate

A well-reputed and professional company would give you an estimate on their first call. The estimate includes all the charges from labor fees to the cost of tools. The scammers change their budget and start adding many hidden fees even before the start of their work.

6- Try to Avoid Cash transactions

All authentic locksmith companies give you the options on cash or credit. Any company that insists only on cash is a total fraud. Most of the scammers ask for an advance payment which you should clearly refuse to.

7- Refuse to any kind of Replacements

Any sort of locksmith business that advises that the lock requires it to be broken or changed is a scam. This is because all locksmiths are trained to unlock any type of lock.

8- Don’t leave locksmiths alone on the job.

Trusting too much over the locksmith workers might give scammers an advantage. You should never leave them alone while they are fixing your locks. In this way, you can prevent yourself from getting overcharged because now you know the difficulty of the task.

9- Refuse any type of covert costs

A scammer will always insist on changing the lock which will increase the charges and most of them will claim that their lock is much more secure than your previous ones which will help them get more money.

10- A proper Name

A professional locksmith service must have a proper name and address mentioned on their web. When you call them they should come up with a generic expression like welcoming you along with the proper name of their service.

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