10 Ways How to Prevent age-related eye diseases

The eye allows us to see all the colors of the world. But people often take them for granted. Taking care of everything is important before you experience any damage. The same happens for the eyes because doctors say that a healthy lifestyle also fights off the chances of age-related eye issues.

The best eye doctor in lahore reveals that age is one of the common factors that cause vision loss. But a healthy lifestyle can help to improve your vision better and minimize age-related eye disorders, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes, glaucoma, etc.

Here are some effective tips that can save your eyes from age-related eye problems.

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Always Eat a Healthy Diet 

If I talk about myself, I used to eat a lot and always preferred processed foods that resulted in many health issues. Eyes also demand a healthy diet as they need proper nutrients to function well. Some people often ignore the fact that healthy foods can help them to avoid age-related eye diseases.

To keep your peepers healthy, you need to eat omega-3 fatty acids. Some other nutrients like zinc and lutein are also beneficial for the eyes’ health.

Age-related vision problems are also minimized by the intake of vitamin C and E. here is the list of foods that can help to minimize the risk factor of eye problems.

Green leafy veggies

Eat spinach, collards, and kale because they are low in calories but contain beneficial nutrients, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Eggs and Oily Fish 

They are highly rich in proteins and fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that fight off potential eye diseases. Experts believe that oily fish is the richest omega-3 source.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C that provide protection to cells of your body. It contributes to healthy blood vessels of your eyes and fights off the development of cataracts. Also see Cataract surgery orange county.

  • Legumes 

They are a good source of zinc and bioflavonoids that protect your retina and minimize the potential threat of macular degeneration. Its intake is also helpful to prevent light damage.

  • Wear Glasses for Eye Protection 

Ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful to you, especially for your skin, hair, and eyes. External body organs are at risk of developing sun-caused damage. You need glasses that are specially made for the sunlight. People often avoid this fact but excessive sunlight exposure increases the chances of macular degeneration and cataracts. When you buy the glasses, read the label that tells it blocks UVA and UVB rays. Some contact lenses are also made for protection from UV rays.

  • Minimize the Eye Disease Risk with a Short Break 

Studies have concluded that excessive use of screens has increased the risk of potential eye diseases. People should take a break while watching the computers. People who do stare at screens are more likely to develop headaches, eyestrain, trouble focusing at a distance, shoulder and neck pain, etc.

  • Visit Your Doctor If You Have Developed Eye Strain 

People often wait for days as eye strain often goes away on its own. But if you see no difference visit your doctor. Your doctor will go through a complete checkup and may be prescribed some medications for eye strain.

  • Do not let your Eyes Dry 

Dry eyes are also an uncomfortable condition that often leads to serious vision problems. For such a condition, your doctor will ask you to blink more as it will keep your eyes moisturized. The other solution for dry eyes is artificial tears that can help to keep them moisturized.

Avoid Smoking and SecondHand Smoking

Smoking is dangerous for your eyes as well. It increases the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration as both are eye-related issues that often lead to vision loss. It damages the optic nerve, so it’s time to quit smoking before it starts taking your vision.

Final Thought 

Experts suggest visiting the doctor regularly as early treatment can protect your vision from serious eye diseases. Ophthalmologists also suggest wearing protective goggles while doing any physical activity.

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