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10 Wedding Photo Types That You Can’t Go Wrong With

10 Wedding Photo Types That You Can't Go Wrong With

A wedding day is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. It’s a day filledwith love, laughter, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. And what better way to capture those moments than through photography? 

Wedding photography has come a long way from the traditional posed portraits of the past. Today, there are numerous styles of wedding photography, each with its unique approach and aesthetic. From documentary-style images that capture candid moments to fine art photography that creates dreamy, romantic photos, there is a wedding style for every couple’s taste. 

We will discuss about various types of photography genre that can be taken at your wedding, so you can choose the perfect style to capture your special day.

10 Wedding Photo Types : Pick the one that suits you


This style of wedding photography focuses on posed portraits of the couple, their families, and the wedding party. It is the most common type of wedding photo, and it is often customary to have at least a few of the event’s pictures taken this way. They’re characterized by formally dressed, posed subjects in soft lighting conditions. The photographer usually works with the couple to create a list of photos they want before the wedding day. These are the photos destined to head straight into the family photo album. The style is often considered outdated and irrelevant in the social media generation. Still, older folk attest to the supremacy of this style of photos owing to its primary purpose, enabling you to fondly remember the people who attended your wedding and the great time you had with them.

2.Photo Booth: 

This is perhaps the best method to get fun photos at your wedding. The photographer or an agency sets up the thematic photo booth, and an attendant helps the guests take their own photos with a remote shutter or hand gestures. This frees up the photographer to attend the main events of the wedding and passively allows the guests to capture their happiness on their terms.  So consulting a wedding photo booth rental service seems like a good idea here.


Also known as the photojournalistic style, this style captures candid moments throughout the day. It is one of the hottest wedding photography styles in the social media era. The photographer is unobtrusive and captures the day’s various events as it unfolds. The photos are captured such that browsing through the album would make you relive the events as if they happened yesterday. Anyone who opens the album can visualize the day’s events as they happened in real-time. Candid photos of guests also capture their natural facial expressions and emotions and prevent the forced look for those who are camera shy. Social media allows the viewers to immerse themselves in the event through the photographer’s viewpoint.

4.Fine Art: 

This style is characterized by its dreamy, romantic quality. It has no strict definition, so a wide range of photos qualifies as fine art. The photographer uses creative techniques such as unique angles, framing, and lighting to create artistic, visually stunning images. The photos aim to tell the story of the lovebirds and capture the essence of their relationship in the best manner possible. Compared to candid shots, fine art photographers are much more involved in the shooting process, injecting themselves into the wedding events and carefully interacting with the clients to create an artistic story of the wedding day. It has many things in common with the following category of photography that we will discuss.


Have you seen the photos taken for Vanity Fair or Vogue magazine? You can be the celebrity in your magazine for your wedding day. This style is similar to a magazine fashion shoot, with the photographer working to create editorial-style images that showcase the couple’s style and personalities. The photos are often taken in studio lighting conditions and feature props and conversation designed to make the couple go through certain emotions that the photographer plans to capture.


These are the kind of photos that make you stop scrolling your Instagram feed. This style uses dramatic, sharp lighting and shadows to create moody, cinematic images. The photographer often uses unique locations and props to add to the drama. The entire point of these photos is to create visual interest by using lighting techniques usually reserved for high-budget movies. Add to that the post-processing edits; the outcome will catch any viewer’s eye.


This style mimics the look and feel of vintage photographs, with muted colors and a soft, nostalgic quality. The photographer uses natural light or flash modules mounted on the camera body itself to recreate the Polaroid and VHS aesthetic in modern photos. The dreamy feel of the pictures is often coupled with the traditional style of posing the subjects to create timeless, aesthetically pleasing photographs that stand the test of time.


You don’t need to have a destination wedding to have this style of photo. This style captures the location and culture of the wedding’s destination. The photographer incorporates landscapes and local customs into the images. If you’re getting married at a countryside ranch, the photographs will reflect the surroundings in the background. The key difference from other styles of photography is the prevalence of wide-angle shots and the use of scenic landscapes compared to tightly composed portraits.

9.Black and White: 

Almost all photographers will provide black and white images for your wedding gallery. Black and white images can be created with a black and white film, or your photographer can transform digital color photos into black and white during editing. This classic style uses black and white photography to create timeless, elegant images. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. Talk with your photographer if black and white images are essential to you so they can utilize the appropriate equipment for your specific style. 

10.Aerial Photography: 

Aerial wedding photography is just photos taken from a high vantage point. Your photographer will use existing wedding site levels, ladders, and even drones to capture aerial shots of the wedding ceremony, reception, and surrounding landscape. If this is something you desire, ask your photographer about it because it requires additional equipment. But remember that photographers typically only shoot a few shots in this style, so don’t expect your entire wedding gallery to be shot this way (unless that’s what you want). The allure of this style of photography is the introduction of a perspective that has traditionally only been reserved for people who can afford helicopters and photographers aboard them. 

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