13 Myths About WordPress Masonry Gallery

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that is widely used for building websites, ranging from personal blogs to e-commerce platforms. One of the many features that make WordPress a go-to CMS for website developers is its Masonry Gallery, which allows for the creation of stunning and responsive image galleries. 

However, despite its usefulness, there are many myths surrounding the WordPress Masonry Gallery that may cause confusion and prevent users from utilizing it to its full potential. In this blog post, we will debunk 13 common myths about the WordPress Masonry Gallery to help you better understand this powerful tool and use it effectively to enhance your website’s visual appeal.

  1. WordPress Masonry Gallery is Not Best For High-Traffic:

The critical factor that determines how well your website performs under heavy traffic is the quality of your plugin and hosting service. It’s up to you to take WordPress and install the best wordpress gallery plugin on a reliable host that can handle the demands of your traffic.

To ensure that your website functions smoothly, even with high traffic, you must carefully consider the infrastructure plans offered by your hosting service. 

  1. Masonry Gallery Does Not Work Well On Mobile/Tablet:

Some people claim that WordPress Masonry galleries don’t function properly on mobile devices, but this is not necessarily true. These individuals may have had a negative experience with a WordPress website on their phone or tablet due to a theme layout that was not optimized for mobile devices. It’s the responsibility of site owners to ensure that their website’s theme is mobile-responsive.

  1. It’s Complex:

Some users may feel that the WordPress Masonry gallery is overly complicated. However, despite being a powerful tool, WordPress is not inherently complex. The platform’s essential functions are well-labeled, and its configurations are straightforward. By choosing the appropriate menu options, users can quickly find what they need.

  1. Masonry Galleries Are Too Complicated To Create: 

Many people think that creating a masonry gallery is a difficult task that requires advanced technical skills. However, with the right tools and some creativity, anyone can create a beautiful and functional masonry gallery for their website.

  1. Masonry Galleries Slow Down Website Loading Times: 

This myth suggests that adding a masonry gallery to your website will increase loading times, resulting in a negative user experience. However, this is not necessarily true, as optimizing images and using a wordpress gallery plugin can significantly improve website speed.

  1. Masonry Galleries Only Work For Photography Websites: 

While masonry galleries are popular among photography websites, they can be used for various purposes, including showcasing artwork, product galleries, and testimonials.

  1. Masonry Gallery Is Tough To Manage:

Managing a website with a masonry gallery may seem daunting, especially for those new to site management. However, with practice and patience, managing a website with a masonry gallery can become as familiar and effortless as riding a bike.

  1. Masonry Galleries Are Too Expensive To Create: 

Some people believe that creating a masonry gallery is an expensive endeavor that requires a significant investment. However, there are many free and affordable masonry gallery plugins and themes available that can help you create a beautiful gallery without breaking the bank.

  1. Masonry Galleries Are Outdated: 

Some think masonry galleries are outdated and irrelevant in today’s web design landscape. However, masonry galleries are a popular choice for many websites due to their unique layout and visual appeal.

  1.  Masonry Galleries are Not SEO-friendly: 

This myth suggests that adding a masonry gallery to your website will negatively impact your SEO efforts. However, optimizing images and using appropriate meta tags can help improve SEO and make your masonry gallery more discoverable.

  1.  Masonry Galleries Are Too Time-Consuming To Create: 

Creating a masonry gallery does require some time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be a lengthy or tedious process. With the right tools and a clear plan, you can create a stunning masonry gallery quickly.

  1.  Masonry Galleries Are Not User-Friendly: 

Some people think masonry galleries are confusing and difficult for users to navigate. However, with proper labeling and clear navigation options, masonry galleries can offer a simple and intuitive user experience.

  1.  Creating A Masonry Gallery Is Not Suitable For Beginners.

Many people believe that creating a masonry gallery is best left to experienced web developers and designers. People think that beginners lack the technical knowledge and skills required to create a visually appealing and functional masonry gallery.

However, this is far from the truth. There are many user-friendly masonry gallery plugins and themes available that can help beginners create stunning galleries without any coding knowledge or experience.


Now that we have debunked some of the most common myths surrounding WordPress masonry galleries, it’s time to explore the possibilities that this powerful tool offers. With its user-friendly interface and flexible features, WordPress can help you create a visually stunning and functional website to enhance your online presence and achieve your desired results.


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