14 Year Old Boy Falls From Ride Video 14-year-old boy falls off ride The Aftermath

The article reviews the recent tragic incident in which an 14-year-old boy fell from a bike and the immediate aftermath.

Do you remember the rollercoaster incident that occurred in Orlando? A 14-year-old boy was killed in the tragic accident. The incident happened at an amusement park located in Orlando city in the in the United States. The city’s officials have revealed the tragic loss of fourteen boys.

City officials also visit the park on Thursdays. The park is situated in the city’s renowned tourist destination. According to the official report the boy fell from a free-falling ride after the balance of his body was lost.

Many people also see the 14-year-old boy fall from a bike video.

What happened?

The incident occurred around 11 at night (local local time). It was reported that the name given to the 14-year-old man was Sampson. Sampson along with his buddies enjoyed the ride. However, just a minute after, Sampson suddenly falls down from the ride. Following the incident the victim was transported to Arnold Palmer Hospital.

However, later Sampson passed away at the hospital. Police in the local area initially didn’t release any information regarding Sampson. However, a viral video of the incident changed the course that the accident had. A large number of individuals in Canada along with in the United Kingdom watched the video on social media.

14-year-old boy falls off ride The Aftermath

Following the incident, following the accident, the Sheriff’s office starts the investigation. The Sheriff’s office went to the park right away. They also question the park’s authority. The park was opened this year. According to the investigation team the park is among of the major tourist attractions located in downtown.

It is known for its free-falling rides. The police, however, investigate the incident using a different angel. The investigators also investigate whether there is any possibility of involvement in the incident , or even not.

However, for the moment the officials have not released any details regarding the course of the investigation.

14-year-old boy falls off ride New Update

A lot of riders have expressed discontent regarding the safety that the park offers. However, the park’s authority has declared that there was no issue. It was secured prior to the ride began. While the ride was in progress, Orange Country Police identify the victim’s location.

Sheriff John Mina on Friday declared that the full name of the boy was Tyre Sampson. Sampson was a resident of Missouri city. Sampson visited the city to visit family members in the city. However, the young man was involved in an untimely incident.

Many are feeling sad for the 14 year old boy who fell off a bicycle in the video.

What is it that makes this News Trending?

This story is on the news since the video has gone popular on social media platforms. A lot of people have watched videos on Facebook and other social networks platforms and are deeply sorry for the tragic event. In addition, many news outlets have also reported on the tragic incident.


The park is famous for its free-standing attraction. It reaches its highest at 75 miles per hour. It’s also 325 feet tall. The ride is capable of taking 30 passengers. The city police have held a press conference to give an update on their investigationthe 14-year-old boy who fell from the ride.

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