15 Ideas for a last-minute corporate Christmas Party

If you’re procrastinating on booking a Christmas party venue because you think the usual options are boring, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We know that planning an office Christmas party can be daunting, but we guarantee that with our help, your event will be one to remember. Here are some ideas to make your last-minute corporate Christmas party a success:

1. Try an escape room: Step away from the traditional party venues and try something different. Escape rooms are the perfect way to promote team building and get your employees talking, laughing, and working together to solve puzzles to ‘escape’ the room. With plenty of options around Chicago, it’s an easy last-minute choice. It will be fun and energizing for everyone. Team building in Chicago would be much more fun when it is done outdoors.

2. Have a themed holiday party: Skip the standard office Christmas party and go for something more imaginative. Why not host a themed holiday party if you’re looking for an easy, festive way to celebrate the season? Everyone will have a blast from the “Ugly Sweater Contest” to the “Winter Wonderland” theme!

3. Host a Christmas Karaoke Party: What’s more festive than singing Christmas carols? Encourage your team to get in the spirit by hosting a karaoke party! Whether they’re belting out classics like “White Christmas” or having fun with modern favorites like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”, you’ll indeed have a great time.

4. Go ice skating: Ice skating is the perfect way to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Rent out an outdoor rink or plan a field trip to one of Chicago’s ice rinks and make it a team-building event.

5. Visit a Christmas market: Who doesn’t love holiday treats, decorations, and gifts? Take a trip to one of Chicago’s many Christmas markets for the best shopping experience of the holiday season. Not only will this take care of your team’s gift exchange, but it also provides an opportunity to explore the city and experience holiday cheer.

6. Have a Secret Santa gift exchange: This classic game can be great fun for your team! Not to mention, it’s easy to organize with minimal effort. Everyone will love guessing who their secret Santa is, as well as picking out gifts for each other.

7. Take a holiday cooking class: Get your team bonding over delicious food! A hands-on cooking class is a perfect way to get everyone involved in creating something special for the holidays. Whether making traditional Christmas cookies or trying out new recipes, this will be a memorable experience.

8. Have a holiday movie marathon: Watching classic Christmas movies is always a hit! Gather your team and grab some popcorn as you snuggle up to watch holiday classics like “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “Elf.”

9. Host an ugly sweater contest: Bring out the laughs and encourage the holiday spirit by having an ugly sweater contest at the office. Get creative and make the competition even more fun by including a prize for the ugliest sweater or the most festive one!

10. Try holiday-themed scavenger hunt: Offsite or onsite, you can take your team on a scavenger hunt to find everything from candy canes to festive decorations. It’s a great way to get everyone out of the office and explore their city while still having fun together!

11. Have an elf-themed holiday party: If you’re looking for a way to shake things up this year, why not plan an elf-themed Christmas party? Put out fun elf-related decorations, dress up in elf costumes, and enjoy some holiday treats. It’ll be an event to remember!

12. Building a gingerbread house: Get your team’s creative juices flowing and bring out the holiday cheer by having everyone make their own gingerbread houses. It will fill the office with the sweet smell of gingerbread, and everyone can show off their masterpiece at the end!

13. The outdoor Christmas party: Go outdoors this Christmas, and having an active office Christmas party is one of those ideal ideas. Chicago is a place of green beauty, so why not take the opportunity to enjoy it? Have some team sports and a barbecue picnic in one of the nearby parks.

14. Holiday baking contest: Get creative with your holiday baking! Challenge the team to bake their best Christmas-themed treats and have a competition to find out who can make the most impressive dessert. This activity will bring out everyone’s competitive spirit while getting them in a festive mood.

15. Carolling: Nothing says “Christmas” quite like carols. Organize a night of carolling with your team and spread some holiday cheer throughout the streets of Chicago! Whether you stick to traditional Christmas tunes or choose to sing your favourite rendition of “All I Want for Christmas, ” it’s sure to be fun.

Ending Note

No matter how you celebrate the holiday season with your team, it’s sure to be a great time. With these fun ideas for office Christmas parties in Chicago, everyone will have something to look forward to this winter! Happy holidays!


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