2 types of good leather, Full grain leather, and Top grain leather

The fashion of leather jackets is trendy all around the world in this modern era. Almost everyone has a leather jacket in their wardrobe because a wardrobe is incomplete without having a leather jacket. People love to use leather jackets in their dressing to look more attractive in front of everyone. When it comes to the material, most people don’t have any idea about the difference in materials used in leather jackets. The most common and great leathers are full-grain leather and top-grain leather. Every manufacturer prefers these leathers to make the best quality leather jacket. But many people don’t know about the difference between full-grain leather and top-grain leather. Therefore, we will discuss below the difference between these leathers.


There is a huge difference between the origin of full-grain leather and top-grain leather. If we talk about full-grain leather, it comes from the top layer of the hide. Furthermore, full-grain leather includes all of the natural grain for leather jackets. When it comes to top grain leather, it has the outermost layer of the hide removed for leather jackets.


As we have discussed above, full-grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide and it includes all of the natural grain. Therefore, the quality of full-grain leather is greater than other leather types for leather jackets. However, it is the highest quality grade of leather to make any clothing item. When we talk about top grain leather, it is the second highest grade of leather having the outermost layer of hide removed. The difference between the quality of full-grain leather and top-grain leather makes the leather thinner and more workable for the manufacturers.


The price of full-grain leather is higher than other types of leather because full-grain is the highest quality grade of leather. Everyone cannot buy full-grain leather as it is the most expensive leather type. However, full-grain leather is commonly used for luxury clothing items such as Diana Kruger Marie Jacket. In addition, every manufacturer cannot buy full-grain leather to make a clothing item and sell it in the market. Therefore, full-grain leather is mostly used in custom-made clothes on order. When it comes to top-grain leather, its price is less if we compare it to full-grain leather. However, top-grain leather is easy for manufacturers to purchase and use. They prefer using top-grain leather to make clothing items and sell them in the market. This is why clothing items made with top-grain leather are still very durable and reliable.


The clothing items made with full-grain leather are incredibly unique as this leather type comes from natural grains. However, these clothing items showcase natural imperfections on them to look more attractive. If we talk about clothing items made with top-grain leather, they have sanded away which removes imperfections. But most of the manufacturers imprint top-grain leather with an imitation grain to make it look more uniform. However, the hide loses some of its strongest fibers in this process of imprinting top-grain leather. Therefore, you should use top-grain leather when looking for a uniform look.


The clothing items made with full-grain leather beautify with time rather than wearing out. They develop an attractive and exclusive character that cannot be duplicated which makes them unique. This means the beauty of full-grain leather clothing items become well with time. However, using these clothing items make them better in looks and feels as well. When we talk about the aging of top-grain leather, the manufacturers apply them with a finishing coat that protects and sustains it. It helps these clothing items to protect from sustains that can stick to full-grain leather. Moreover, the breathability of top-grain leather reduces with the refinishing process. This helps top-grain leather to avoid developing a natural patina after a while.


Full-grain leather consists of natural grain which makes the leather extremely sturdy and durable. These natural grains contain the strongest fibers in the hide to make a durable clothing item such as the Joel Sanchez Berlin Jacket which is very durable and unique. However, full-grain leather is extremely breathable which results in less moisture from lingering contact. But there are many chances that full-grain leather cannot prevent stains. Therefore, you need to make sure to protect your full-grain leather clothing items with leather conditioners. You should clean your full-grain leather items instantly if they develop an unsightly stain. When we talk about top-grain leather, it requires more care to maintain it. This is why you need to properly take care of top-grain leather from scratches, sustains, or damage.


When it comes to taking care of leather, both of these leathers need ongoing maintenance. Thus, you can maintain them with a leather cleaner and conditioner to prevent dirt. This will be beneficial for both full-grain and top-grain leather to take care of and maintain their charm.


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