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Bigg Boss 14 18th November Promo: Nikki Tamboli accuses Eijaz Khan of playing ‘Victim Card’, Kavita gets angry

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Now every day, viewers get to see something new in Bigg Boss 14 house. The housemates are engaged in deciding who should be supported and against whom. Eijaz, Nikki, Kavita, between Rahul and Rubina, keep sharp shards of words. In today’s episode, Eijaz Khan will be seen raining for not doing his work on Nikki.

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 14, Ejaz is seen cleaning utensils and taunting Nikki for not doing her job. After this, Nikki asks Eijaz to show his bad behavior at his house. Eijaz tells Nikki to keep Jaan Kumar Sanu as his servant and now Kavita Kaushik to make him a disciple. Nikki forbids Eijaz to play the Victim Card, and Kavita calls him ‘Fake Victim.’ The promo is followed by asking Nikki to stay away from Kavita.

In last night’s episode, there is a heated argument between Kavita and Eijaz when they ask Kavita to do the cleaning work after everyone had lunch. Kavita also gets angry with Eijaz and rains him. She later pushes Eijaz.

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