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Keerthy Suresh is the neighbour of Thalapathy Vijay’s friend Sanjeev and Preethi, here are the viral photos


One of Thalapathy Vijay’s close friends, TV actor Sanjeev’s wife Preethi, told the media recently that Keerthy Suresh is her neighbor, Chennai. In this interview, Preethi said: Keerthi Suresh, who was coming to Chennai from Kerala for filming, bought her own flat on one of the floors of our apartment in Chennai. Although initially she and I were not close acquaintances, we became close acquaintances during this coronavirus lockdown.
Keerthy Suresh Preethi

Keerthy Suresh Preethi
Since Keerthi Suresh likes vegetarian food, I will make a few dishes, including vegetarian biryani, and give them to her house. Similarly, Keerthi Suresh will make chocolate dosa for my children. This corona lockdown brought us closer together. It has been three years since Keerthi Suresh came to our apartment, but this year, she was in Chennai on Diwali. Preeti said the two families celebrated Deepavali together.
Keerthy Suresh Preethi
And whenever the Thalapathy Vijay movie is released, we will go to the theater with family. Likewise, we were very much looking forward to this year’s ‘Master’ movie. Although the film has not been released yet, we enjoyed watching the ‘Master’ on Diwali’s teaser.’ Preethi said in the interview that our whole family was waiting frantically to see the film in the theater.



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