3 Best Excel Recovery Tool to Repair & Recover Lost Excel Files

While working on your Excel file, you may lose your important data due to power failure, system crashes, virus or malware infection, human error or other unexpected reasons. But what? If you don’t have backup of those missing files.

Well, in such a situation you may need to use the best Excel Recovery Tool torecover your Excel file. So, in this post,I am going to suggest you some of the best and reliable programs that will help you to recover your corrupted Excel file effectively.

So, without wasting much time, let’s go ahead quickly…!

But before knowing them, you must check out the causes leading to Excel file deletion.

What Causes Excel File Deletion?

There can be several reasons for Excel file deletion. Here are some common causes:

Accidental deletion: Users may accidentally delete Excel files by pressing the delete key or using the “Delete” option in the software. This can happen due to human error or mistaken actions.

Intentional deletion: In some cases, Excel files may be intentionally deleted by someone with unauthorized access or malicious intent.

Excel file corruption: Excel files can get corrupted due to various factors such as power outages, system crashes, or improper saving procedures. In some cases, corrupted files may become inaccessible or deleted by the software itself.

Virus or malware infections: If a computer or device gets infected by a virus or malware, it can potentially delete or corrupt Excel files along with other data on the system.

Software issues: Certain software problems or bugs can cause Excel files to be deleted. These issues can arise from errors in the application itself, conflicts with other software, or system crashes.

Disk errors or hardware failures: Errors in the storage device where Excel files are stored, such as a hard drive or SSD, can lead to file deletion. Hardware failures, such as a faulty disk or controller, can also cause data loss, including Excel files.

You may lost your Excel file due to any of these reasons. After knowing the causes, it’s a time to recover your missing Excel data by using the best Excel file recovery tool.

Best Excel File Recovery Software

When it comes to recovering an Excel file, there are several tools available that can help you to recover lost or corrupted data. Some of them are listed below:

#1: Stellar Repair for Excel (Recommended)

Stellar Repair for Excel is one of the Excellent data software that is specially designed to repair corrupt Microsoft Excel files (XLS and XLSX formats).

The software is intended to recover data from Excel files that have become inaccessible due to various issues such as file corruption, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdowns, or software errors.

Stellar Repair for Excel offers several features to help in the recovery process. It can repair multiple Excel files simultaneously and supports the recovery of various Excel elements, including charts, tables, cell comments, formulas, and formatting.

Important Note Stellar Repair for Excel can recover data from corrupt files, the success of the recovery depends on the extent of the file corruption and the availability of recoverable data.

#2: Recovery Toolbox for Excel

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is an amazing tool that is designed to repair damaged or corrupted Microsoft Excel files.  

The software aims to restore data from Excel files that have become inaccessible due to various reasons, such as file corruption, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdowns, or software errors.

With Recovery Toolbox for Excel, users can attempt to recover data from damaged Excel files in a few simple steps.

The software employs advanced algorithms to scan the damaged file and extract as much data as possible. It can recover worksheets, tables, charts, formulas, and other Excel elements.

#3: DiskInternals Excel Recovery Tool

DiskInternals Excel Recovery Tool

DiskInternals Excel Recovery is another best software which is specifically designed to recover Excel files in various formats, including XLS and XLSX.

No matter whether your data become inaccessible, corrupted, or deleted due to accidental deletion, system crashes, virus attacks, or other reasons, this tool can recover them with ease.

It utilizes advanced algorithms to scan storage devices, such as hard drives or memory cards, and locate damaged or lost Excel files. The software usually provides a preview feature that allows you to preview the recoverable Excel files before initiating the actual recovery process.

Note DiskInternals Excel Recovery is a reputable tool, the effectiveness of file recovery depends on various factors such as the level of file corruption, overwriting of data, and the overall condition of the storage media.

Time To Conclude

It’s quite common to lose the Excel files due to some unforeseen or unexpected reasons. And the worst thing is that, you do not have the backup of them. But there is nothing to worry.

If you are dealing with the same situation then you need to choose any of these third-party Excel recovery tool to fix your workbook and get back your Excel files.

Good Luck!

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