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3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Income While Working Remotely

In recent years working remotely has become the new normal. Thousands of specialists worldwide are working remotely for many reasons; to have work-life balance better,  save their time on traffic, save money in some cases, and sometimes spare time that can be used effectively with a lot of benefits. 

For example, finding second or third part-time jobs, improving skills, trying new activities, and changing the current work approaches will bring an income over time.

So, if you are working remotely and want to increase your income, these three easy ways are worth following. 

  1. Track your time

When working remotely, especially at home, you’re saving a lot of time not stuck in sticking to traffic and using transportation to get to the office. 

But you can work whenever it’s convenient for you to concentrate. For example, Los Angeles, CA is one of the biggest places in the world where people live and work from various nationalities. After the COIVID-19 pandemic, numerous companies shifted into remote-first mode so their workers started to work remotely in different places whether it’s a cafe, working space, or you’re renting a flat from one of the furnished apartments in Los Angeles. Besides that, you have better conditions to concentrate on your work. That means, as the final result, you have a lot of time to use for your benefits, in case tracking your time properly. The more work you complete, the more time you have to take on a new job and increase your earnings.

Having an explicit schedule for working and a break will allow you to “breathe” and gain more energy to continue working. Tracking the time and scheduling will become a habit over time, so you can also try doing other part-time or contract work paid by hours. In the end, you will have an organized and productive working day with a high income. 

  1. Find motivation

Finding motivation for working is significant as you do that work every day, so there’s a risk of losing interest and having decreased productivity. But suppose you find motivation, for example, saving money for traveling, buying a house or car, becoming a better specialist and many others. In that case, you are working with a positive mind and higher productivity which motivates you and gives a lot of passion for doing your daily work at the right time. So, work your way on finding ways on how to get motivated each day, write them down, and re-read when you start feeling low.

The Gallup study shows that employees work 20% better when motivated. They continuously search ways to improve productivity and complete their tasks with high efficiency. 

It will also help when you feel overwhelmed because of tight deadlines, and one thought about your motivation to overcome this situation will help solve the problems and get the work done. Suppose you’ll do what you love, with a big passion and inspiration. In that case, it will affect the work quality and increase the chances of becoming a specialist with higher income, no matter if you’re working in a project management office or doing freelance projects on your own.

  1. Set clear goals

Whatever kind of work you’re doing, you should set clear goals so that you can track your progress as well as your failures. It is essential to measure your losses to change course or adjust how you are doing things to turn that failure into a success and get an income from it. Setting goals is also very motivational and increases the potential to find ways to reach your goals. 

For example, if your goal is acquiring new customers in the upcoming month, you should get organized, work actively, and work towards your goal in your daily tasks, leading you to reach your goal more productively and in a short time. Do a work-check every two weeks, and measure the process. Maybe there’s something to be changed to work better. Once you achieve a goal and earn from it, you will want to set another one, perhaps a bigger plan.  


It may seem challenging to reach a desirable income while working remotely, but nowadays, it’s entirely possible and not a hard thing to do if you find a way that works the best for you. This is why you should use some apartment renting guides when traveling to another location. This may make your time management more efficient. These three easy ways are just the beginning to benefit from your free time. 

But it’s always encouraged to experiment with what works best for you and produces the best results. Some people may succeed by working the whole day with a short break, while others may need to do separate break hours to work more productively and reach a desirable income. 

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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