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3 Reasons That Make Taylor Swift Really Attractive

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Taylor was once commented as “The Music Industry”. It may be true if you look at what she has done and achieved. With 9 albums under her belt, Taylor Swift has steadily ascended to the top of the music industry, bringing her with a large following of “Swifties” who love and support her in every step she makes. Here are 3 reasons that make Taylor Swift become really attractive.

She truly care about her fans

Swift has many fans, and instead of keeping them to herself, she interacts with them on Twitter and Instagram. She acts as her fans’ best friend rather than their untouchable celebrity crush. And she does it all herself, with no help.

Swift wished her fan a happy 16th birthday.

Taylor Swift Instagram

She congratulated Angie on her engagement.

Taylor Swift Instagram

She apologized to her fan for not being able to meet her.

Taylor Swift Instagram

When one fan bought a dress she saw Swift wearing, Swift told her she looked fantastic.

Taylor Swift Instagram

And she told her fan was so adorable.

Taylor Swift Instagram

Swift congratulated her fan on getting her driver’s license and gave her some wise advice.

Taylor Swift Instagram

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Her music is so good and relatable

The music of Taylor Swift is relatable as she wrote what actually happened in her life. 

“She’s saying basically, regardless, of the chitter-chatter or buzz around her, ‘I’m going to focus on moving on to what’s important in my life or things that I value or goals that I have,'” Rego told MTV News. “That’s a behavioral principle that helps point our compass to what’s important despite what life’s throwing us at the moment.”

“So that’s good advice — doing what’s important to you regardless of what the world around you is giving you helps you get through those inevitable potholes on the road to your goals,” he added.

She is absolutely pretty

She looks like a model, that can not be denied. Her height was perfect for any unique performance. Her eyes and smile can brighten the stage as she performs which is totally amazing. However, let’s put her looking to one side. She is absolutely pretty by heart also. She truly loves what she is doing and tries her best for what she believes is right and good to people. 

The song “You Need To Calm Down”  is one of her most deliberate acts of support of the LGBTQ community, following past donations to the Stonewall Inn and the Tennessee Equality Project. 

The song “The man”  is also her gender-bending takedown of the patriarchy. Swift uses Tyler to skewer toxic masculinity and double standards, while airing personal grievances with an industry that has often subjected her to intense scrutiny. Criticism of her career has ranged from endless speculation over her love life to questions about the motives behind the social and political stances she takes in her music.

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