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3 Yet Paramount Tips to Factualize on When Going for Baby Teethers

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In everyone’s life, it is of utmost importance to put prior the health benefits of any product we find in the market, especially in this era where some products are being launched in the market, which later releases hazardous compounds that affects one’s health. Let’s take for example a product that has been in the market for over decades now, plastic products. When they were first introduced, they were very attractive because of their cuteness, they came in various shapes and colours, and more so they were versatile. But putting in mind that to get the desired performance properties of the plastic products, there were chemical additives that were used that have negative environmental and health effects. It is not necessarily only for the manufacturing personnel to be in the exposure to the chemicals, but also the consumers who use plastic products for packaging and also for plastic baby products. These chemicals may include;

  • Cadmium, lead and mercury lead to direct toxicity.
  • Diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), or Polyethylene (PET), leading to suspected human Carcinogen.
  • Endocrine disruption, which ultimately leads to birth defects, development problems in children, and even cancer.
  • Polystyrene, which can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, causes dizziness. They do migrate into food and store in body fat. Also, for workers, it elevated rates of lymphatic and hematopoietic cancer. Tetrafluoroethylene in plastics also causes the same effects.
  • Polycarbonate, with Bisphenol A, was linked to impaired immune function, obesity, early onset of puberty and hyperactivity among other health problems.

This made everybody worried, hence, manufacturers started researching to determine and develop a safe formulation. And this is where Silicone Rubber Product Manufacturers came up with a high-quality standard of food-grade products of silicone. The global silicone industry and independent scientists extensively study the health and environmental impacts of silicone products, which later they had regulatory assessments which supported the safe use of silicone products in a wide range of applications. Note not to confuse silicone with silicon. It is approved food grade meaning it will by no means react with other materials or be worried about releasing hazardous compounds when on high temperatures or heat. Furthermore, silicone products are proven to be safe for infants because their non-toxic substances, such as BPA that was commonly found on plastics. Because of this, silicone baby products are very famous now, products like vibrating teethers, nipples, baby pacifiers, tableware, and so on, which are all available in our store. Considering that many babies prefer a range of surfaces, different shapes, bright colours, and easily griped toys, we put all these into consideration while making the baby teethers. And so, when choosing a teething toy for your baby, it is considered vital to prioritize safety over everything else. Hence here are some tips;

  • Always try to find BPA – free teether toys for the baby, and check out on irritants, and allergen. For example, in most products containing latex many people are allergic to it, so you might as well avoid them.
  • If possible, avoid liquid-filled teething toys, because there might pose a potential danger when the baby is exposed to unsafe liquid when they bite it.
  • Teething products containing batteries, battery caps, or screws can cause choking risks when the baby accidentally pops them open. When the babies are trying to soothe the pain or irritation on their teeth, they might tend to use a little force which might make the teether with caps pop. This is why we offer vibrating teether to soothe their irritation with comfort.
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