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4 Daily Uses Of Cotton Rags

Unwanted clothing or household fabrics like those from a torn or stained rug or curtain are often treated as waste. However, they can easily be converted into a rug that can be used for mopping, plumbing, gardening, and small automobile repair works.

Cotton rags have plenty of applications because they are good absorbers of liquids. So anything spilled on the floor or any window pane that needs washing can easily use an old cotton rag. 

What Can You Do If You Have Plenty Of Cotton Rags At Home

If you have old clothes that have been ripped or torn and cannot be given for charity, you can easily convert them into rags. But if you do not have enough old, torn clothes, you can always source them from a cotton rags bulk supplier. 

Rags Can Be Used As Mops

The best use that cotton rags can be put to is as mops. Cotton, as a material, is great for absorbing fluids. So when you make a mop out of a cotton rag, it cleans your floors well. Another advantage of using cotton rags instead of paper towels or wipes is that they are reusable. So unlike a paper wipe that needs to be discarded after a single cleaning session, a cotton rag can be washed and reused. Hence, using cotton rags is not only easy but also affordable.

Rags Can Be Used for Patchwork

If you have a pretty print on an old cotton dress and do not want to turn it into a mop, you can always use it for patchwork. So if you have a bedcover or a bed sheet that is slightly torn and do not want to discard it, you can use a beautifully printed cotton rag for patchwork. Likewise, you can create an entire quilt by sewing together different cotton rags and joining them end to end.

Cotton Rags Can Be Used As A Potting Mix for Your Garden Plants

Old cotton rags that are too dirty for donating or selling can help structure the soil in your pot. You must chop the rag into pieces that are no longer half a square inch and stuff them in the pot. However, make it a point not to add more than ten percent of these rags to the total content of the pot, or else everything will turn very soggy.

Cotton Rags For Car Repairs

If your car has a minor fault you can repair all by yourself, you may need an absorbent piece of cloth for cleaning up. Cotton rags are great for cleaning grease marks and removing dirt, grime, or marks of solvents used in repairing automobiles. So when you have a bunch of cotton rags, a spill or leak that happens while changing tires or repairing your brakes can easily be mopped up.


Cotton rags have plenty of uses. They have great absorbing power and can easily be reused after washing in water. They are inexpensive as they are obtained from unusable cloth that most people just throw away. So the next time you have an old cotton dress torn, do not discard it; instead, make rags out of it.

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