4 Tricks to Avoid Getting Drunk on Wines and Spirits Quickly

While drinking can be fun, there is a fine line between safe and excessive drinking. Even small amounts of alcohol can increase your cancer risk, so learning how to drink responsibly is important.

Alcohol abuse can cause long-term health problems, injury from accidents, embarrassment, and other serious consequences. So when you drink, ensure to follow tips and tricks to avoid excessive consumption of liquors.

When you just started drinking, it’s okay to try different types of alcoholic beverages. It will help you determine which kind your body can get accustomed to, but you still have to be responsible. When you’re starting to feel dizzy or nauseous, stop drinking and get sober before going home.

4 Ways to Drink Responsibly According to Experts

If you want to avoid getting drunk and embarrassing yourself, here are some tips from the experts in Avon liquor store, on how you can responsibly drink while enjoying the night:

1. Eat Enough and Constantly Hydrate

Water and food are essential, especially when you drink. Your digestive system (small intestine and stomach) transports alcohol to your bloodstream. Drinking on an empty stomach can speed up the alcohol’s entry into your bloodstream. It can lead to you becoming drunk and losing control.

People should avoid drinking fast when eating foods high in carbohydrates, natural fats (such as salmon), and foods high in protein (such as cheese and peanuts).

It also helps absorb water, which means you will be able to drink longer but not become drunk. Diuretic alcohol can increase urine production and make you thirsty. Drinking water can help you stay hydrated, avoid the aftertaste, and reduce the hangover risk.

2. Learn to Say “No”

When drinking with friends and family, you must know how to say to every shot or glass of liquor they hand to you. Controlling the peer pressure you feel from them can be difficult, especially when everyone is having fun. However, to stay sober and go home safely, you should know your drinking capacity and when to stop.

Another thing that you have to remember is that the choice of your drink should complement the event. It helps you mingle and gain confidence to talk to everyone, so choose a liquor that will not get you drunk quickly.

Also, if you are in a gathering with overflowing booze and you don’t feel like drinking because you are on medication or pregnant, say no.

3. Know How to Slow Down

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) measures how much alcohol you have in your bloodstream. It can influence the effects of alcohol on your body, and it gets affected by how fast you drink. So when you have higher BAC levels, you are more at risk of injury or overdose.

Your body can only take in one standard drink per hour. Drink slowly and space out your drinks to slow down your BAC growth and prevent getting too drunk.

4. Choose Your Glass Wisely

Did you know that you can trick yourself from getting drunk by choosing the right glass shape?

In a study conducted in 2012, the result showed that participants drinking in a straights glass are 60% slower than those with curved ones. A 2005 study showed that bartenders tend to pour 20 to 30 percent more alcohol in short but wide glasses than in tall and slender ones.

So the next time you go out for drinks, ask the bartender if they can pour your drink in a tall, straight, slender glass.

5. Choose Your Liquor Wisely

If you have the chance to choose your drink for the night, then do so. Only you know how each alcohol reacts to your body. For instance, some people are more adept at drinking spirits like vodka and tequila than wines and beers.

Also, if you can avoid joining drinking games, do so. It’s all fun until you pass out or get alcohol poisoning. When people play drinking games, they tend to overdo it because the adrenaline can make them feel energized. However, you’ll feel the effects in the morning from your hungover.

Lastly, if you are on medication, avoid drinking alcohol because it can affect your system badly. Some medicines can cause allergic reactions and don’t take effect on your body when you mix them with liquor.

Key Takeaway

When you plan to host a party in your house or go out to have a good time with friends and family, you should bear in mind how much alcohol your body can take. Having too much alcohol in your system can affect how your body functions. It can cause you to feel sleepy and have difficulty remembering. If you’re driving back home, you wouldn’t want to experience that, so drink responsibly. Remember to follow the tricks to avoid getting wasted easily and putting yourself in danger.

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