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The statement jackets and the latest sneakers will always be at the top of the list of men’s passions, but don’t let the watery clobber blind you to the essentials. The right men’s chrome hearts pants can be a powerful force for good but don’t overdo it, and you will soon fade away in the long run.

Yes, it is easy to fill up your tried and tested black jeans for the twelfth time, but there is a whole wardrobe full of high trews that will look slippery if you are given a half chance. Here are some of the types of men’s trousers that you may not have thought of, but you should definitely.


Once firmly established by the fictional (and indeed) citizens of education, corduroy is one of the most versatile men’s styles and, if worn properly, can make the most valuable chrome hearts pants. There’s a 1970s revival going on in men’s clothing, too, so there’s never been a better time to cover your legs with a rope.

Contrary to its dense definitions, corduroy is brilliant when worn and worn casually. Try pairing black pants with a loose-fitting shirt and functional leather sneakers to show that you are not your brother in Oxbridge.

This striped fabric also does an excellent job of adding a personal touch to a more formal outfit. A slim-cut corduroy suit will make a great companion for a light-gauge roll neck and monk-strap shoes coming for the party season. Turn off the shirt and tie, though – The Doctor Who Made That Combo Don’t Wear Anywhere With Comic-Con.

WOOL Pants.

A strong favorite of fashion bloggers (the kind who don’t dress like anime stars, i.e.) and art directors worldwide, men’s fur trousers offer a reversal of the days when jeans were not the king of legwear.

Ideal for both styling and other dividers designed or just waking up, wool trousers have been a mainstay among insiders in the industry for years – and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Although you will often see them wearing underwear hanging outside the loft offices comfortably, these pants work in the same way and in the usual way. For inspiration, cast your eyes on Pitti Uomo, where it is usually stopped by a pair of chrome hearts pants, Derbies, or two monks.

Twill Chinos Pants.

A good piece of work clothes changes if you want to prove your masculinity in an old school. With twill chinos, quality art meets the fidelity and style in a casual style that can still be worn amazingly.

Cut from heavy cotton, cut to form an area that connects diagonal parallel ridges, twill is traditional work. If planted in it, it will provide excellent estimates of the cost of each dressing due to its durability.

Also, every two chinos scratch tell a story – or the only ‘job’ you end up doing in it is the overcrowding on Twitter. Eventually, the shocking chino re-emerges from the ‘Ibiza boys on tour’ site with the feeling that the place has fully grown.

The style is still, to put it bluntly, chrome hearts pants, so wearing casual shoes (like anything with a Vibram sole variant), a T-shirt or knitwear piece, and a top with a shirt or denim look cool without work.


The backlash of skinny pants is officially unlocked. We are tired of explicitly exposed genitals and try (and fail) to remove our skins politely after taking them off at night, jeans with loose legs and pants that look very attractive every day.

Going back to the inspired clothing of the 1950s, Levi 501’s cut is firmly on the radar of men’s most stylish men’s clothing, and the model has brought its partners to ride, too.

Although ready to give the space a high-heeled shoe, chinos and loose-fitting chrome hearts pants need to break completely. They are very long and will look like low-cut boot cuts, are very high, and will look like you are wearing three lengths. The main purpose is to avoid clutter, so we suggest that the hem’s hem fall somewhere between your shoe and its first set of eyelets.

When it comes to styling, compare it with the extra fabric below by keeping your upper half tucked away to avoid any suspicions you have been playing with wearing in your closet.

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