4 Ways Self Storage Benefits Homeowners

Keeping possessions in a StorageX facility instead of at home offers impressive benefits. Customers can store belongings to free up space, keep seasonal items safe, simplify renovations, and protect furnishings when downsizing. Global Newswire predicts a 7.5% increase in the self-storage market between 2023 and 2028, and. homeowners represent a considerable proportion of customers. 

It’s Easier to Declutter

It’s very easy to accumulate belongings, and most families eventually end up with overflowing closets and garages filled with things they use occasionally. Decluttering becomes very difficult, and organizing possessions can seem impossible. Renting a self storage unit offers a simple solution that can reduce stress.  

Many people want to organize their homes so it is easier to maintain and a more pleasant living space. Selling or donating items can help but may not be possible. For instance, household items might belong to a family member who eventually needs them. Placing items in storage is an affordable option. The cost is reasonable, and facilities keep belongings safe.  

It’s Ideal for Seasonal Items 

Most people own seasonal items that are used repeatedly but only for a short time. Holiday decorations, RVs, snorkeling gear, and pool toys are examples. Seasonal belongings can quickly fill up closets and garages. With that in mind, many people rent storage spaces to keep things until needed. Storage facilities offer flexible access, so it’s convenient for owners to get and return belongings,

Storage is more than just a solution for those living in small homes. According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 42% of self-storage users have homes ranging in size from 2500 to 3500 square feet. Clients keep their homes well-organized and have peace of mind, knowing that expensive belongings are safe in clean, dry units.  

Moving Is Simpler 

Relocating can be stressful enough without worrying about what to do with belongings, but storage companies offer solutions. Renting a unit can be helpful when downsizing, staging a home, dealing with a delayed closing, or traveling.  

  • Moving to a smaller home can mean there’s less room for furniture. Storing items can preserve them for family members or future use.
  • Staging a home means showing it at its best, often removing unnecessary items. Keeping them in storage until needed is a solution. 
  • When you need to leave your current residence by a specific date but your closing will happen later, keeping your things in storage solves one problem. 
  • Storage units are ideal for those who travel for work and do not have a permanent residence. They can keep belongings safe and secure in storage until they’re ready to settle down.

Renovations Are Simpler 

Home improvement projects often require moving furniture from one area to another, which can be problematic if space is limited. Piling up furniture in the home can also be inconvenient. Placing furniture in storage is a simple, affordable option that keeps the home clutter free and makes the renovation process smoother.

The fast-growing self-storage industry offers homeowners crucial benefits. Storing belongings simplifies moving and renovations. Homeowners can store belongings to reduce clutter and keep seasonal items secure until needed. 


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