5 Advantages of Electric Bikes

With the rise of micro-mobility in the world, electric bikes have become one of the most common electric means of transport worldwide.

This increase in demand, at the same time impacted the demand for this type of vehicle, and brands focused on innovation and technology to provide a highly innovative product.

Today, let’s discuss 5 advantages of electric bikes.

5 advantages of the electric skateboard

1. It is Ecological

It does not have an exhaust pipe and, therefore, does not emit gasses of any kind. Depending on the electricity mix of each country’s network, it will be more or less sustainable in relation to its load. But its electricity consumption, approximately 1 kWh per 100 km, is quite low.

In addition, with the autonomy that electric bikes have, it’s not necessary to charge them every day, since the distances that we are going to travel by them do not usually reach 20 km per day. The battery can be charged from any socket. And if you don’t want to put it at home, you can remove the battery and park it like just another bike.

In addition, being ecological it has no problems accessing cities in episodes of pollution. You can circulate and park without problems at all times.

2. You Save Money

It is the most economical vehicle in relation to the effort made and the objective achieved. Obviously the cheapest is to walk, but you won’t get very far on foot.

The conventional bike would be the next step, but with an electric bike you can face steep slopes without arriving at your destination asphyxiated. Its purchase is an investment, although it is decreasing, as there are classic models with great autonomy below a thousand euros. We do save on road taxes, registration, ITV, insurance, worries about parking and maintenance costs.

3. It is a 2-in-1 Vehicle

You can choose to use it like a conventional bike, exercising while pedaling, or use it in electric mode. In fact, if your thing is mountain bikes, although with less autonomy (up to 40 km), these electric bikes withstand all roads and have greater stability.

The exercise carried out in the daily pedaling of a bike prevents many cardiovascular diseases and reduces sedentary lifestyle, greatly improving our health. But the big difference from the electric bike is that if you get tired, you pull the motor! And you can move with little effort.

When you ride a bike there is a double sensation: freedom on the one hand and closeness to people on the other. It brings great satisfaction, nothing comparable to moving stressed by car or public transport. To check it you will have to experience it yourself.

4. Reach Speed and Long Distances

The speed limit they reach (25 km/h) and the nominal motor power limited to 250W, are legal requirements to be able to circulate with them. This speed, together with the pedaling assistance, make this vehicle the fastest in town. It’s fun to see drivers’ faces when you pass them.

Pedaling assistance makes the electric bike an option for long distances. In addition, despite being a motor vehicle, it does not require a license to drive it, making it an accessible option for everyone.

5. Vehicle Adapted to the City

You can use the bike for the entire journey, or you can combine means of transport to simplify some routes that would otherwise be impossible. The fact of being able to put the bike in the subway and on the train makes intermodal travel possible.

If, in addition to being electric, the bike is foldable, you already have all the benefits of electric bikes. You can store it in any closet or trunk, and you save having to transport it in a car or leave it on the street.

It must also be borne in mind that cities are becoming increasingly “friendly” for cyclists and bikes. In cities like Saskatoon it has become a normal and usual choice for their residents to move with electric bike Saskatoon since bike lanes, shared roads, public bike systems and bike parking are being incorporated …

As a result, more and more people dare to move around the city by electric bike. And the greater the number of people, the safety on the road improves. In addition, as the sales of the electric bike increases and the technology improves and the prices go down.

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