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5 Amazing Graffiti Sculptures

Graffiti Sculptures are amazing artworks built exclusively out of graffiti. The fine art of graffiti is the clever combination of artistic forms, often mixed with street art, to create a new form of art. And a variety of people come up with ways to incorporate graffiti into their artistic expression.

Here are the five amazing graffiti sculptures:

  1. The Giants of Boston

Boston is home to some of the world’s largest graffiti art—some of which are everywhere to be seen, while others are hidden away and hard to find. One of Boston’s most popular graffiti sculptures is located outside of the North End’s Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse on Summer Street. 

The Giant of Boston is a six-foot-tall statue of two feet. The Giants of Boston” are stunning works of art built out of trash, paint, and imagination. The Boston Neighborhood Network commissioned the artists to create large-scale murals on the side of an abandoned building.

  1. Robbo Incorporated 

Robbo Incorporated is a street art project that aims to create a world where everyone can enjoy street art. This will be accomplished by creating a legal and sustainable art gallery in a part of the city that is currently overlooked by the rest of the world. This gallery will provide a place where mural lovers, graffiti artists, and graffiti admirers alike can come together and feel safe within an environment that is both safe graffiti and safe street art.

  1. Lennon Wall

It seems like there’s always a new type of street art on the rise, whether it be murals, tags, or sculptures. This summer, check out The Lennon Wall, a 5-ton wall of bricks that was built in New York City’s lower Manhattan by artist Eduardo Kobra. The wall is comprised of over 102 individually stacked bricks that are illuminated by 20,000 LED lights. The lights can be programmed to change colors, flickering to music, or displaying images that change over time.

  1. Tuttomondo

If you’re like us and love discovering new things on the Internet, you’ll be interested in the latest development in graffiti art: the installation of 3D-printed models in public spaces. The creative artist is known as “Tuttomondo” has been collecting pictures of his graffiti that can be seen around the world, but now he’s taking the art to the next level. He has 3D-printed the picture to scale and is placing it in the exact scene of the picture on the wall.

  1. Crack is Wack

Every so often, a piece of graffiti comes along that stands out from the rest. These are the ones that you always remember, no matter how many times you’ve seen them. “Crack is Wack” is one of those graffiti sculptures. It’s a graffiti tag that someone spray-painted on a wall in the middle of a city. It’s difficult to read, and the letters are so far apart that they’re not even connected.

These 5 Amazing Graffiti Sculptures bring something else to their creators. Some of the artists are single; some are in relationships, some are married, some have kids, some are from other walks of life. However, they all have one thing in common, the passion for art. Without passion, you don’t create anything significant; you don’t create anything at all.

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