5 Best Escape Room Boxes [Unlock Fun At Home in 2022]

Escape rooms have become a sensational form of entertainment in today’s world. People across diverse age groups enjoy playing escape room games. Playing an escape game with your friends or family can be the perfect way of spending quality time with your favorite people and making beautiful memories.  

Nowadays, you can come across escape games available in diverse formats. Not only can you enjoy playing an on-site escape room experience, but you can also play a virtual escape room! But the fun of escape games is not just limited to that; for now, you can even unleash the fun of escape games through escape room boxes.  

In this article, we have compiled the five best escape room boxes with which you can spend a fun and exciting time at home: 

1. Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor 

It is an intuitive escape room box game taking you back to 1869. The main aim of the escape game is simple – you need to unlock the hidden clues, solve the different puzzles, and unleash the mystery of the Stargazer’s Manor.  

The game is suitable for players at least above ten years of age. You can play the game together with 3 to 8 players. Inside the set, you can find different game components like five sealed envelopes, a scene card, personal items, a solution wheel, and an instruction wheel.  

2. Escape the Crate  

It is the perfect game for team-building and comprises several intuitive riddles and puzzles. You can play this immersive escape room box with a small group of participants.  

You may even enjoy playing it together alone, in the comfort of your home. The gameplay may continue for about two to three hours, unfolding an engaging story before you. The box comes with glossy papers, envelopes, and realistic props. 

3. The Mystery of Oak Island  

It is yet another immersive escape room box game unfolding with 25+ tricky challenges and puzzles. You will find the hint book and seven different padlocks in the box. All this will unite to unleash your unique and authentic escape room game at home!  

It is a family-friendly escape room game that provides maps, codes, a journal, gems, a message in a bottle, and even pirate-themed stories! The matches will be each last for about an hour.  

4. Escape Room: The Game 3  

The escape room box unfolds through three different storylines – Panic on the Titanic, Alice in Wonderland, and Dawn of the Zombies. Players will have only an hour in hand to complete each of these immersive escape room games.  

People at least 16 years old can enjoy this escape room game. This game is fascinating, even at birthday parties, dinner parties, or other private parties.  

5. The Deadbolt Mystery Society  

It is an immersive escape room game driven by its intriguing narrative. Especially for people who love to solve mystery-themed puzzles, there is nothing better than gifting them this lovely treat.  

There are a few online components to this escape room box game, like case files, which help players to revitalize the escape room gaming experience. You can enjoy this highly interactive escape room game simply by scanning a QR code.  

These are the best escape room boxes to try out at home in 2022. So, which of these escape room boxes will you order?  

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