5 Best Halal Meat Delivery Options in Manhattan

Manhattan, known for its diverse culinary scene, offers a plethora of halal meat delivery options catering to the discerning tastes of consumers. 

Whether you’re looking for succulent chicken, tender beef, flavorful lamb, or other halal meats, Indian grocery delivery NYC, these online food companies have you covered. 

With a commitment to providing halal-certified, ethically sourced, and top-notch meats, these food delivery companies ensure that your dining experiences at home are both delicious and aligned with your dietary preferences.

I am an avid lover of halal meats for taste, high nutritional content, and practices being followed during the slaughter. Living here in the heart of Manhatten, I have never felt away from India, and thanks to these Indian food delivery companies and other stores that assure me the authentic Indian taste with their vast selection of products that embrace the diversity of Indian cuisine. 

Read along as I list down the best stores in Manhatten that assure you doorstep delivery of fresh and certified Halal meats at the best rates. 

Minar Halal Meat

Minar Halal Meat is a well-known halal meat supplier with multiple locations across the United States. They specialize in providing high-quality halal meat products to customers. The brand offers halal-certified meats right to your doors at unbeatable rates. 

Here’s a list of Halal-certified premium quality meat the brand has to offer:

  • Halal chicken keema
  • Halal T-bone steaks
  • Halal beef with bone
  • Halal Chicken Kashmiri 
  • Halal Chicken lollipop
  • Halal Chicken 65, and more

The brand has partnered with Quicklly – nation’s largest marketplace for Indian food and groceries. 

You can shop for the finest quality halal-certified meats at Quicklly’s online store. 

Bangladesh Fish Market & Halal Meat 

Whether you’re looking for Halal-certified chicken meat, goat meat or beef meat, the brand has it all delivered right to your doors nationwide. Bangladesh Fish Market & Halal Meat specializes in premium quality fish and animal meat slaughtered using Halal-approved practices and packed fresh. 

Here’s a list of some items the brand has to offer: 

  • Halal Quail
  • Halal Chicken liver
  • Halal Goat paya
  • Halal Goat Liver 
  • Halal Goat Front leg
  • Halal Goat neck
  • Halal Goat head and more

Bangladesh Fish Market and Halal Meat has partnered with Quicklly to deliver the finest quality halal-certified meat right to your doorstep. Quicklly, the nation’s largest marketplace for Indian food and groceries, delivers freshly packed Halal meats right to your doors in no time. 

The Halal Guys

Known for their iconic food carts, The Halal Guys now offer halal meat delivery services in Manhattan. With their extensive menu featuring gyros, platters, and sandwiches, they bring the authentic flavors of the Middle East directly to your doorstep. 

You can shop for diverse Halal-certified meat, including chicken, falafel, gyro, and more. 

  • Halal Duo: The Halal Duo comes with any two proteins of your choice (Gyro & Chicken, Gyro & Falafel, or Chicken & Falafel).
  • Halal Solo: The Halal Solo comes with any 1 protein of your choice (Gyro, Chicken, or Falafel).
  • Halal Trio: This package contains all 3 proteins (Gyro, Chicken & Falafel).


Kalustyan’s, a renowned specialty food store in Manhattan, offers a wide range of halal-certified products, including meats, spices, and other pantry staples. 

Their extensive selection of high-quality halal meats, sourced from reputable suppliers, ensures that customers can access premium culinary options. 

Whether you’re looking for specialty cuts, unique flavors, or hard-to-find ingredients, order halal meat online, as Kalustyan’s is a one-stop destination for all your halal meat and culinary needs.

Here’s a list of some Halal-certified items you can shop at Kalyustan’s:

  • Halal Chicken samosa
  • Halal Chicken leg
  • Halal Chicken paya
  • Halal Mutton stomach, and more.

Food Bazaar Supermarket 

Food Bazar offers a wide range of halal meat products and an online delivery service. Their extensive selection includes chicken, beef, lamb, goat, and more, ensuring customers have ample choices to suit their preferences.

Food Bazar focuses on sourcing halal-certified meats from trusted suppliers to guarantee the highest quality and adherence to halal standards. They take pride in providing fresh, flavorful, and responsibly sourced meats to meet the needs of their diverse customer base. 

With convenient online ordering and delivery, Food Bazar ensures you can conveniently access premium halal meats without leaving home.

  • Halal Beef Hanging Tender
  • Halal Beef Stew 
  • Halal Chicken Boneless Breasts
  • Halal Chicken Drumsticks, and more. 

Al Barakah Halal Meat

Al Barakah Halal Meat is a family-owned and operated halal butcher shop with a dedicated delivery service in Manhattan. They provide a comprehensive range of halal meats, including chicken, beef, lamb, goat, and veal. 

Their commitment to freshness and quality is evident in their strict sourcing standards and butchering practices. 

Al Barakah Halal Meat is known for its attentive customer service and ability to cater to specific preferences, making them a popular choice among Manhattan’s halal meat consumers.

Order halal meat online from one of these top online stores that assure you premium quality, fresh, and halal-certified meat. Whether you’re looking for doorstep delivery or curbside pickup, these stores have it all. 

Whether you’re looking for a specific cut of meat, specialty ingredients, or everyday grocery items, these online stores cater to your needs while ensuring that all products meet the strict standards of halal certification. 

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