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5 Best Strategy Games To Play In 2023

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Are you a fan of strategy games? Do you enjoy the thrill of building empires, leading armies, and conquering opponents? If so, then get ready for some exciting news! The gaming industry is constantly evolving and improving, and 2023 is set to be a fantastic year for strategy game enthusiasts. With new releases from top developers in the works, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best strategy games that you should definitely consider playing in 2023. From historical epics to futuristic sci-fi adventures, these games offer unique challenges and immersive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours on end. So buckle up and get ready to dive into some truly epic battles as we explore the world of strategy gaming in 2023.

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Age of Empires IV

If you’re in the mood for some intense medieval warfare, Age of Empires IV is an absolute must-try. This game is a long-awaited sequel to the popular series and offers some exciting new features that will keep you hooked for hours on end. With improved graphics and gameplay mechanics, Age of Empires IV takes players on an immersive journey through history where they can lead their civilization to greatness.

One of the most notable aspects of Age of Empires IV is its historical accuracy. The game has been meticulously designed to ensure that it accurately reflects the time periods and cultures it depicts. From the architecture to the units and even down to the details like clothing and weaponry, everything in this game has been carefully researched and designed to ensure historical accuracy.

Additionally, the gameplay mechanics offer unique challenges that require strategic thinking and planning. Overall, Age of Empires IV is a fantastic strategy game that combines historical accuracy with engaging gameplay mechanics – making it one of the best strategy games you should definitely play in 2023!

Total War Saga: Troy

You’ll love exploring the rich mythology of ancient Greece in Total War Saga: Troy. This strategy game takes you back to the Bronze Age and lets you command armies as one of eight legendary heroes, including Achilles and Hector. As you lead your troops into battle, you’ll encounter mythical creatures like minotaurs and cyclopes, adding a fantastical element to the game.

Here are five reasons why Total War Saga: Troy is worth playing:

  • Gameplay mechanics: The game offers a unique blend of turn-based strategy and real-time battles that keeps things interesting.
  • Historical accuracy: While there are elements of myth and legend in the game, it also strives for historical authenticity with its depiction of ancient Greek warfare.
  • Heroic duels: You can engage in one-on-one fights between your heroes and enemy champions, adding an exciting layer to battles.
  • Diplomacy options: You can negotiate alliances or trade agreements with other factions, adding depth to the game’s political landscape.
  • Multiple victory conditions: Rather than just conquering all other factions on the map, there are several ways to achieve victory in Total War Saga: Troy, giving players more strategic options.

Overall, Total War Saga: Troy offers a satisfying mix of history and mythology in a fun-to-play strategy game. Whether you’re familiar with the franchise or new to it entirely, this title is definitely worth checking out for fans of epic battles and strategic planning.


Explore the vast possibilities of creating your own civilization in Humankind, where you can lead your people through different eras and witness their visual evolution. This game takes you on a journey through time, starting from the Neolithic era all the way to modern times. You’ll have the opportunity to shape your society’s culture, religion, economy, and military strategy as you progress.

One of the most exciting aspects of Humankind is its emphasis on player choice. Every decision you make has an impact on your civilization’s future. For instance, choosing to adopt a particular culture will affect how other civilizations perceive you and may also alter your diplomatic relations with them.

As you advance through history and unlock new technologies, you’ll have even more options at your disposal to shape the future of civilization. With this level of depth and complexity in gameplay mechanics, it’s no wonder that Humankind is one of the most highly anticipated strategy games for 2023 that promises to take players on a thrilling ride through the evolution of humankind.

Civilization VII

Get ready to lead your civilization to victory in Civilization VII! This highly anticipated game promises an exciting gameplay experience with new features and changes that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Fans of the franchise can expect improved graphics, updated mechanics, and a fresh take on the classic turn-based strategy game.

One of the most significant changes in Civilization VII is the introduction of district stacking. In previous games, districts were placed on tiles around your city center, limiting how many could be built. However, in Civ 7, players can stack multiple sections on a single tile, allowing for greater flexibility and strategic options.

Additionally, new resources to manage such as energy and pollution levels add another layer of depth to the gameplay. As for release dates and platforms, no official announcement has been made yet by Firaxis Games or 2K Games. However, it’s safe to assume that it will be available on PC as well as consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox when it does come out. Keep an eye out for more news about this exciting game!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for each game?

Comparing the minimum and recommended system requirements for strategy games can be tricky, especially if you have a lower-end system. But fear not, there are tips to optimize your game performance. First, make sure your hardware meets the minimum requirements listed by the game developer. If it does not, consider upgrading or playing a different game that is compatible with your system.

If your system does meet the minimum requirements, try lowering in-game settings like graphics quality and resolution to improve performance. Additionally, close any unnecessary background programs while playing and keep your computer clean of dust and debris to prevent overheating. By following these tips, you can still enjoy strategy games even on a lower end system without sacrificing too much in terms of gameplay experience.

Are there any multiplayer options available?

If you’re looking to add some excitement and competition to your strategy gaming experience, multiplayer options are definitely worth considering. Playing with others adds a level of unpredictability and challenge that can make the game even more enjoyable. However, there are also some potential downsides to consider, such as the possibility of encountering toxic players or experiencing technical difficulties.

Additionally, multiplayer can have an impact on gameplay dynamics – for example, certain strategies may be more effective in single player mode versus multiplayer mode. Ultimately, whether or not you choose to play with others will depend on your personal preferences and what type of experience you’re looking for.

What is the estimated playtime for each game?

When it comes to estimating playtime for strategy games, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, strategies for maximizing playtime include choosing games that have high replayability value and investing in DLC or expansions to extend the game’s lifespan. Balancing playtime with other commitments is also important, so consider games with shorter campaign lengths or ones that allow for quick multiplayer matches.

Ultimately, the estimated playtime will vary depending on your personal preferences and how much time you can dedicate to gaming each day. However, by carefully selecting the right games and finding a balance between playing and other responsibilities, you can make the most of your gaming experience.

Are there any expansion packs or DLCs planned for each game?

If you’re looking for more content to enhance your gaming experience, you may be curious about expansion packs or DLCs that are planned for the best strategy games of 2023. Developers usually plan these updates to keep players engaged and interested in their game.

While not all games have announced any expansions or DLCs yet, it’s possible that they will release new content in the future. Keep an eye out for expected content and release schedules from the developers of your favorite strategy games to stay up-to-date on any upcoming additions.

What is the average difficulty level for each game?

As a strategy game enthusiast, you know that the challenge is half the fun. Each game has its own unique difficulty level, but don’t let that discourage you! With some strategic thinking and perseverance, you can overcome any obstacle thrown your way. In fact, playing challenging games like these offer many benefits, including improved problem-solving skills and increased patience.

Strategies for overcoming difficulty may include analyzing your opponent’s moves carefully or experimenting with different tactics until you find one that works. So don’t shy away from a game just because it’s tough – embrace the challenge and enjoy the satisfaction of victory! Remember: “No pain, no gain.” ‘No pain, no gain’ means that in order to achieve something worthwhile, you must be willing to work hard and endure challenges and setbacks along the way.


So, there you have it – the 5 best strategy games to play in 2023. You’re probably thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait to spend countless hours building my empire and conquering my enemies!” But let’s be real here – as much as we love these games, they can also be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming.

Despite this fact, we keep coming back for more. Maybe it’s because there’s something satisfying about outsmarting your opponent or creating a thriving civilization from scratch. Or maybe it’s just because we enjoy torturing ourselves with endless micromanagement. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is certain: these strategy games are here to stay. So go forth and conquer (or fail miserably) – either way, it’ll be a fun ride!

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