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5 cryptocurrencies you haven’t heard of but should consider investing in

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Technology continues to play a major part in modern life and it is easy to understand how it has transformed the financial world. This can be seen in how common online banking is or the prevalence of debit cards is when paying for things. Digital cryptocurrencies have really come to the fore recently and are another good example of how tech has impacted the global financial world. 

These digital forms of money exist entirely online and represent a new approach not only to how we pay for things but also how the whole banking system works. As the latest cryptocurrency prices show, this is a thriving market and one that has presented a good return overall for investors into the best performing coins. 

But what if you want to invest your cash into the newest, most exciting coins or those that haven’t yet reached their peak in terms of value? In this case, the five little-known examples we list below are worth thinking about. 


One of the best kept secrets for crypto investing is Terra. The Terra protocol operates via stablecoins (known as LUNA), which deliver instant transactions, low fees and frictionless cross-border payments. This makes it a useful coin in the real world and one that is growing as a result. 

Investors are also looking at this coin more closely because of its status as a stablecoin. This sees prices fluctuate less wildly than other crypto assets. The tokenomics involved with LUNA also help make it a good choice for investors. As the supply is limited to 1 billion coins, it means demand never outstrips it and Luna price usually remains at decent levels as a result. 

Smooth Love Potion 

Smooth Love Potion is actually the utility token within popular game Axie Infinity. In essence, players need to use SLP to generate characters in the game to play with or sell. SLP tokens can either be purchased on crypto exchanges or won in battles against other players on Axie Infinity. 

This real-world application has not only given it a high profile to attract investors but also made it a coin that people actually have a need for. As a result, the Smooth Love price previously reached an all-time high of $0.399727 and could well go beyond that in future. With a market cap of more than $100m, it is also a coin with good liquidity for investors. 


Just as the future of artificial intelligence in marketing looks bright, the outlook for Polkadot in crypto also looks pretty rosy. 

This coin was launched back in October 2017 by Gavin Wood (who helped found Ethereum) and raised more than $144.3m in its initial coin offering. Since then, DOT has gained real traction in the market. 

But what makes it a cryptocurrency with good potential for investment? It really comes down to its practical use in Web 3.0 and how it enables different blockchains to perform transactions without needing a trusted third party. Prices of $6.63 during November 2022 were also around 145% up on its starting price and reflect the potential it has. 


Stellar is a great alternative to XRP and looks to be a good investment to consider making. But why is this true? 

It mainly comes down to the size of the international banking sector in which this coin operates, the popularity of sending money internationally online and the practical benefits that this coin has for both. In essence, Stellar is a low-cost bridge that enables safer and faster banking network transactions. With blockchain tech in financial services looking to grow even more in the coming years, this coin stands out as one of the top cryptocurrencies to track. 


Avalanche is another crypto asset you might not have heard about yet, but it could make a great investment. This is a decentralized, proof of stake blockchain coin that operates in the smart contract area. With a focus on scalability and security, it also claims to be the quickest smart contract platform around. 

This makes it a choice that more and more businesses are turning to, and that more investors are looking at. Although it has only been on the market since December 2020, it has already seen its price rise significantly. 

5 alternative coins to invest in 

Everyone who plans to invest in cryptocurrencies will know about the main players, such as Bitcoin. While they can still make good investments, it can often be more exciting to put money into crypto assets you are not so familiar with. This adds a fresh angle to investing in this market and also allows you to buy coins before their value explodes. 

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