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5 different sapphire engagement ring designs that you can purchase

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After diamonds, sapphires are the most popular stones used for engagement rings. Hollywood celebrities and people of the royalty are often seen sporting them too. Today we have 5 unique sapphire ring designs that you should consider for your engagement. Let’s check them out.

  • Sapphire solitaire

As the name suggests, the Sapphire engagement ring solitaire is similar to a regular solitaire ring, except that here the large centre stone is a lovely blue sapphire. Ditch the traditional white diamond and opt for this sapphire to make heads turn as people simply won’t be able to resist taking a second look at your dazzling finger. There are varieties available in the design too. The usual solitaire only has the sapphire, but you can always customise it according to your preference. Some people like adding a few diamonds to the sides to enhance the look of the centre stone. Other common designs also include embedding the diamonds along the band either entirely or halfway through. However, the number of stones you add is most definitely going to increase its value but if budget isn’t the issue, this design is a wonderful choice.

  • Sapphire Halo ring

What’s prettier than a diamond halo ring? Yes, a halo ring with a sapphire. Some people are of the opinion that diamond rings, no matter how stunning, look quite common and lack the elegance of something more unique. And for these exact people, we have the sapphire halo ring. It is similar to a diamond halo ring, but here the middle stone, larger in size is a lustrous blue sapphire and the halo is of white diamonds. The halo design is naturally meant to make the middle stone stand out, but with a different colour combination like this, it really does look much more prominent as each stone hold a place of value without which the design would be incomplete. Many brides are in absolute love with this design and over the years the demand for this design has seen a steady increase.

  • Sapphire flower petal
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This design is a little out of the ordinary, with not many people opting for it. But if you are the bold kind, the type who likes to think out of the box and who thrives on the unordinary, then this design would surely appeal to you. Here we have a beautiful sapphire flower that has a small white diamond in the centre and elongated oval cut sapphires as the petals. This ring is priced way higher than the other designs mentioned here for obvious reasons: it has larger sapphires and more of them too. A typical flower ring will have at least 4 to 5 sapphires as the petals giving it a look of a complete flower. It is a large ring that sits prominently on your finger and is really noticeable. This isn’t a regular wear kind but like we mentioned, some brides just like to have showy wedding or engagement jewellery and this is simply perfect for them.

  • Princess Diana’s super-studded sapphire-diamond ring

Princess Diana’s famous sapphire ring has been coveted over decades by women all over the world and rightly so. That piece of elegant craftsmanship was a world apart. And now you can have it too. This design was popular back then in her time and is equally popular today as well. This ring is super studded. It has diamonds all over the platinum band and also around the oval cut centre sapphire in two layers, forming a double border on the ring. This design is also really large in size and quite an investment too.

  • Cushion cut single sapphire ring
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This ring is plain but still makes it to our list because of the simplicity in its beauty, It is a literally a single princess cut sapphire just held together by the prongs of the band metal in place. And that’s just it. Those of you who like to keep things simple, with just a tiny hint of sparkle and colour will surely love this design. It can be worn for daily use too as it is comparatively smaller in size and very convenient to carry too.

We hope you liked what we shortlisted and if you’re wondering where to buy your Engagement rings London from, then Hatton Garden would be a lovely place to begin.

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