5 easy tips for dressing your home

A home is a place that provides shelter and calming space. You feel relaxed in a house of your own.  Do you want to dress up your home yourself?  Do you want each and everything perfect to decorate the home you have dreamed of?  You cannot afford the interior decorators? Don’t you know how to hide the flaws of architecture? Then you are on the right page. I am here to guide you on how to decorate your home with your furniture and other decorative stuff. I have researched it very well. Furthermore, I am going to answer all the questions that are popping up in your mind.

1. Main entrance door

 The main entrance area should be attractive as it leaves the first impression on the people. It should have perfect geometry. You have to be very careful while selecting the door for your main entrance as it is an important factor. The main entrance door should have a double door to give a royal look. It should be made of wood as it is considered to bring happiness and prosperity to your life. Moreover, it gives a fine look to your entrance area. Select a proper color to paint it. The red color is considered to be a sign of happiness and good luck. Brown color gives a royal look to your main door. Your paint color should match with appropriate contrasting colors to enhance your main entrance area. You should use a beautiful doormat on the front of the door. You can use house plants in pots in the corners of the door.

2.Selection of paint colours

It is a challenging task to select an appropriate color for painting your home walls. The most appropriate colors for decorating your home should be in light shades as they are appealing and give warm and soothing effects. Go for beige, gray, brown, cream, camel, biscuit, taupe, tan, and off-white colors to paint your home walls. These neutral shades give you a variety of home decorating ideas due to their contrasting capabilities.  Mix the shades with contrasting colors to give a fine look. They are also known as complementary shades. They have another effect of giving a broader view as they give a small area of your rooms to look larger. You can use a variety of decorative stuff in different shades on the walls of your home.

3.Living room decoration ideas

Living rooms are the main area of your home. You want it to look modern, trendy, and stylish. Decorate your living room with plants and flowers. Buy comfortable furniture to decorate your living room. Arrange your sofa set in such a way that the sofa chairs should face the big sofa with a table between them. There should be a balance maintained while setting your furniture there. Put a rug under your sofa set to give a smooth and decent look to your living room. Do not push your sofa set against the walls. There should be space as it gives perfect geometry to your room. Use decorative stuff such as decorating lights, aesthetic portraits, and curtains to complement your living room. Use a daybed to provide comfort to your guests. You can play with bright colors to paint the walls of the living room for a bold look. You can buy your furniture and other home appliances at an affordable price by getting your stuff using ACE coupon codes in the UAE and Pottery barn discount codes through their official websites to avail of the discounts on your favourite furniture designs. 

4.Kitchen architecture

A kitchen is a place where you have to spend most of your time. You should keep in mind that maintaining a comfort zone is necessary while designing your kitchen, there should be proper ventilation to avoid suffocation and proper lighting to get visibility. For this purpose, a big window is necessary for proper ventilation to provide refreshment during the hectic hours of cooking. Use light shades for painting your kitchen walls to give them a bright and smooth look. Use kitchen accessories to compliment your kitchen. Your cabinets should be well organized to fit the kitchen stuff in them. Use wooden shelves and contrasting tiles for decoration. Use bright and yellow lights to give a soothing effect. Decorate the corners of your kitchen with plants and flowers. Arrange chairs and a table in the kitchen as a sitting and dining area for your family. It helps you to spend quality time with your family even if you are busy cooking. Use two to three small cabinets for decoration purposes where you can put flowers and vessels to enhance its beauty. Use exhaust fans to eliminate smoke from the kitchen.

5.Decorate the walls of your home

Decorating the walls of your bedroom, living room, and hall with aesthetic portraits, decorative lights, and bails of flowers gives a fine and attractive look to your place. It shows your love for your place. There is a lot of decorative stuff being sold in the market. I am here to guide you through the use of proper decorative items to buy.  Use fancy mirrors to decorate the walls of your house as it reflects light to give an illuminating effect. Show your artwork to your guests. If you are good at art, show one of your decorative samples such as portraits, paper art, and wooden art to decorate the walls of your living room. Use your family photos on the front wall of your bedroom. You can buy some portraits of your taste and hang them on your walls. You can also hang rugs on the walls. Make shelves and put vessels and flowers on them. Hang the painted fabric on your walls. You can use paint in a funky manner to give a bold and modest look to your walls. You can install wooden cabinets to fit your books in them. Hang plant baskets on the walls. Decorate the wall of your hall with a big-sized fancy clock to give a finishing touch to your decorations.

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