5 Facts About Online Casinos in India

Casinos might look like simple places where people spend money to enjoy playing some games. However, there is a lot that goes into running a casino: some of which might surprise you. Here are 5 shocking facts about online casinos that you must absolutely know before hitting one.

  1. RTP

It is much easier to lose money at land-based, physical slot machines than at online casino slot games. The reason for this is the RTP percentages or ‘Return to Player’ percentages. 

So what is RTP? It is the percentage of your investment in a particular slot that is returned to you in form of prizes or winnings. Basically, for every dollar you spend on a slot machine, the amount you win back compared to that dollar is seen as its RTP percentage. 

Different slots or games have differing RTP, meaning a particular slot could give you lower returns compared to a different game. This is why looking up RTP percentages can give you a big edge, and also keep you from losing too much over time. 

However, all this gets thrown out the window when we compare online slots to land-based, physical slots. Slots in brick and mortar casinos are notorious for being money-eating machines. Physical slots have very low RTP percentages due to the overhead costs of running a physical casino. Depending on the country and game you are playing, a physical casino’s RTP can be as low as 70%. That means that you only get back 70 cents for every dollar spent over time. 

When compared to online slots, the difference is astounding. Having an RTP of more than 96% is considered normal on online slots. This means that you get back far more through online slots than you would at a physical slot.

  1. Upgrades 

One reason why online casinos are now becoming so incredibly popular is due to the upgrades they make. Each game has new versions, with better graphics, storylines, and music. Since online casinos depend on technology that is ever-evolving, so do the games. 

Physical casinos, on the other hand, have to change machines, tables, and large devices in order to make similar upgrades which can be far more expensive, therefore impossible to do in short periods of time. 

Online casinos on the other hand are upgrading every moment. Since software providers’ reputation hinges on how well they make their games, much like any video game providers, online casinos are always striving hard to be the first to bring forward the next viral game on their site.  

Many of the online casino games not only change the games themselves but due to the nature of AI and the online gaming industry, even classic games can come with twists, larger prizes, and overall more interesting gameplay to keep players interested for longer. 

Many games that originally are games of chance, may have an added element of luck to add an edge. On the other hand, other games of chances can be found online with an element of skill. For e.g. you might find slots where a certain move allows you to play a hand of poker to add to your winnings.

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These are just a few examples of how the online casino industry is staying lightyears ahead of brick and mortar casinos while giving better returns and more interesting gameplay. You can also find out what Congress MP Singhvi said about the distinction between Games of Chance and Games of Skills from to get better understanding.

  1. Online Casinos care about Mental Health

Most online casinos that are registered and licensed, are also in touch with gambling addiction therapists, support groups, and more. 

They also have tools at hand to help anyone struggling to stop playing. While physical casinos only allow financial limits and self-exclusion i.e. letting specific casinos know that you should not be allowed in to play. Online casinos on the other hand have tools to limit online ads, block most gambling sites, and also help you with creating a budget. 

These are only a few of the many tools websites make available for players. Each website will have its own tools and support system, and they all differ in the amount of help they provide. 

It is always a good idea to check out the online anti-addiction policies and systems a website has in place before you sign up. This way, you will always know when to ask them for help, and how to do so. In the throes of addiction, it usually feels jarring to have to look for help. If however, you already are aware of the steps you have to do, the process becomes slightly easier and allows you to get help fast. 

  1. Not all Licenses are the Same

It might come off as shocking, but just because an online casino says they are licensed does not mean that they are totally trustworthy. First is of course the fact that you should always follow up with the exact registration numbers to see if a particular company is truly registered where they say they are. 

Licenses are important because legal casinos are overseen by regulatory bodies whose job is to make sure that these casinos follow the highest standards in the industry. 

These standards include everything from security measures, laws against fraud, and extensive checks to sniff out irregularities on a daily basis.
This is why licenses are extremely important when it comes to online casinos. Without it, players could fall into the traps of casinos that don’t follow laws or are lax about their security and privacy policy. It also opens the door to games being doctored, and punters losing their money unfairly.  

However, contrary to common belief, not all licenses are equal. This means that simply because a website is licensed does not necessarily mean that it is 100% safe. Different countries and regulatory bodies have different laws, varying levels of strictness, and independent checks and supervision. This means that even a licensed casino could potentially be a landmine. 

For your peace of mind, always check out reviews by real users on well-known forums and chat sites. Also, check out if the website has received any awards since to win international awards, many of these casinos have to go through extra checks and verifications that the licensing body might have skipped. 

  1. Artificial intelligence 

Though AI sounds like something that is used only for high-profile scientific studies or data collection that is not all. Artificial Intelligence is used extensively at online casinos to keep players safe, create better graphics and games with more engagement, and more.

AI helps casinos identify problematic patterns and fraudulent practices. Casinos can then take action against such players, ultimately making the environment safer for everyone. 

AI also helps make games more engaging, and create better graphics.

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