5 HVAC Technician Tools You Always Need on Hand

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If you’re seeking a career in the HVAC industry, you’re likely preparing to enter this field by gaining experience in the air conditioning and refrigeration field. Perhaps you’re currently working in this field and would like to update your toolset.

Either way, you’re likely searching for tools that will make your job easier, allow for a more informed decision-making process, and help you have a more professional and efficient toolkit.

Here is a look into the must-have HVAC technician tools.

1. Notebook and Pen

A technician should always have a couple of basic HVAC tools on hand at all times, like a notebook and pen. Keeping records of customer issues and notes on installations is an essential part of the job, and keeping track of tasks is essential for any technician.

A notebook and pen also make it easier to take notes while on customer service calls or while tuning up or performing routine maintenance on an HVAC unit. It also helps technicians keep a list of supplies they may need for any upcoming jobs.

2. Multimeter

A multimeter is a tool that measures a variety of electrical signals and components, such as voltage, current, and resistance. It is vital when troubleshooting electrical systems. It can help you diagnose problems that could otherwise be hidden without having to take apart or rewire components.

A good multimeter should feature a wide range of test connection options and be designed to withstand being dropped. This makes it an ideal companion for almost any HVAC technician.

3. Tool Bag

A tool bag is vital for any HVAC technician because it holds all the necessities for performing their job responsibly. A technician should always have a basic set of hand tools that include:

  • pry bar
  • voltmeter
  • flashlight
  • adjustable and torque wrenches
  • pipe cutter
  • nut driver and screwdrivers
  • level
  • small propane torch and soldering equipment
  • CO detector
  • wire strippers
  • drills

For specialty items like charging hoses and manifolds, thermometers, duct blades and crimpers, and recovery accessories, technicians should have the appropriate bag to carry them in.

4. Gauges

HVAC technician tools include numerous gauges. Knowing how to read, calibrate, and work with the gauges is essential for a skilled HVAC technician.

The most commonly used gauge by HVAC technicians is the manifold gauge, which measures a system’s pressure and temperature. Gauges such as the refrigerant-recovery (dye-injection) gauge, the gas-detection gauge, the combustion-analyzer gauge, and the digital manifold gauge are also necessary for HVAC technicians to have on hand.

Find a combustion gas analyzer as well for a better diagnosis of the HVAC system.

5. Smart Phones

HVAC technicians depend on a vast range of tools for professional excellence. Smartphones have become increasingly popular among these technicians due to the wide range of features and applications now available.

Smartphones allow technicians to access necessary documents and information remotely, run diagnostics from an app, track customers with GPS, and even adjust HVAC equipment with their phones. In addition, smartphones allow technicians to stay in contact with office personnel, view building plans, and look through product specs with ease.

HVAC Technician Tools Must Have

The HVAC Technician is an integral part of any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning team. By stocking up with all the necessary tools, an HVAC Technician can stay prepared for any kind of job.

Invest in quality tools and supplies to ensure a successful career in HVAC service and maintenance. Call your local HVAC Technician today to get the most out of your HVAC system.

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