5 Letter Words That Start With CI Five Letter Words that Start with CI

Are you able to solve today’s wordle for the letter CI? You are able to play Wordle. Wordle is a game that offers a variety in clues and hints. This encourages people to discover new words and to solve the puzzle to improve their daily stats.

A variety of countries such as the United States Canada, United Kingdom, India eagerly play Wordle daily in order to achieve the highest leaderboard score. Let’s look at 5 Letter words that begin with CI.

List with 5 letter words starting with CI.

There are many words that start with CI. Some are meaningless and others are hard to understand. Here is a list of all the meaningful words that could answer the Wordle game that begins with CI.

  • Cider
  • Cigar
  • Cibol
  • Cibil
  • Cippi
  • Cites
  • Civic
  • Cives
  • Cital
  • Cissy
  • Cires
  • Civil
  • Civvy
  • Cinch
  • Cines
  • Cions

Many words begin with CI. However, these words are the most used according to the Wordle hint.

Five Letter Words that Start with CI

Wordle has a new game where you have to find a word starting with CI. Although multiple words can be used for the answer, there is a limit of 6 attempts. This situation is entirely dependent on luck. If you are able to find the correct answer in the list of words in less time than six attempts, you can earn a new score.

Today’s Wordle is not complete. However, these lists contain the key to the answer.

5 letter words that start with CI

Write the answer to today’s wordle starting with CI. Wordle can be played on both your smartphone and computer. You will need to find the correct answer using the hint. If you are able to get the answer in as few attempts as possible, you will receive more scores that will be added to the daily leaderboard.

You can also use the game’s rules to help you find the right answer. The 5 letter words that begin with CI will indicate different colours. For instance, if the correct answer is entered in the correct box it will turn green. If you misspell the word, it will turn yellow. Grey will not be affected if you approach it incorrectly.


Many people are searching for the five letter words with CI that can be used to describe today’s Wordle. Additionally, we offer a list of words to help you find the answer.

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