5 of the best VIN check services to look up VIN numbers for free

Introduction Part 

Getting familiar with every single detail is essential when buying a secondhand vehicle. You cannot simply put your money in a vehicle that leads you to recurring costs on maintenance and repairs. The main reason is a lot of second-hand vehicle sellers try to play smart and do not provide every single detail of history. Here comes a solution which is a VIN number.

The VIN code is usually a code consisting of a series of 17 letters and characters. It contains a history of the vehicle since it first came into operation. The history of damages, accidents, theft, maintenance, modifications, insurance, etc. 

You can use this number in any of the authentic VIN decoding tools to extract necessary information. There are several tools that exist out there. In this article, we will discuss the intro, pros, and cons of the 5 best free VIN check services to look up your VIN. Let’s dive right in!

1. Vinpit – you can decode VIN, and check license plates, as well as vehicle history

2. Freevincheck – allows you to decode almost any vehicle and get into the detailed history report.

3. Vehicle History – It caters to you with 100% trustable information

4. Bumper – an online marketplace where you can sell secondhand vehicles

5. Clear VIN – retrieve the record on ownership, robbery, as well as insurance


Vinpit is a free VIN lookup tool that allows you to check VIN for free. With this state-of-the-art tool, you can decode VIN, and check license plates, as well as vehicle history. This tool offers you to perceive in depth details. 


  • The thing which makes this tool unique is offering the latest and most immense data record. The affiliation with the public as well as private data organizations makes this data acquisition possible.
  • Provide real-time insights on the market value and condition
  • Vinpit provides real-time bid rates occurring in a particular place. This will help you make a purchase that is a perfect fit.
  • You cannot underestimate the value you are going to get with this tool. It is a true gem when buying or purchasing second-hand vehicles.


  • The tool has spent less time in the market as compared to the popular VIN lookup tools in the market.

Visit VINPIT For Free VIN Lookup Now

Free VIN Check 

Free VIN Check is a VIN decoding tool that allows you to decode almost any vehicle and get into the detailed history report. It is a free VIN lookup tool. When buying a used vehicle you can avoid traps or scams by using a free VIN Check.


  • The free VIN check tool allows you to get results very fast. Just within a few seconds, you are ready to go with your VIN reports.
  • You can get 100% authentic and up-to-date data when using a free VIN check tool. You cannot doubt the inaccuracy or authenticity of the data
  • The sources from which this tool acquires its data have a well-established reputation and are reliable
  • You can get in detail records on vehicle specifications, current condition, recall/complaints, damage/ theft reports, etc.


  • The data it offers or caters to its users is not very immense. This is the only drawback of the free VIN check tool. 

Visit Free VIN Check For Your Toyota

Vehicle History

If you are in search of a free VIN lookup tool that caters to you through in-depth information. The vehicle history is your go to solution.  


  • It allows you to decode your VIN for free
  • Complete record on the selling of the vehicle
  • You can get even the images of the vehicle you are searching
  • You can get familiar with the open recalls if any
  • It caters to you with 100% trustable information. You cannot deny the accuracy of this tool in comparison to other tools in the market.


  • You cannot retrieve the comprehensive report on the vehicle when using the vehicle history tool

Visit Vehicle History To Get Free Vehicle History


Bumper refers to an online marketplace where you can sell secondhand vehicles. With this tool, you can get details on the real worth of your car. You can decode the key details with 99% accuracy.


  • It allows you to get each detail on every aspect of your vehicle.
  • The tools cater to you to expand your reach and spread the word to a lot of buyers
  • Bumper allows you to list the details of your vehicle right on the site.


  • On free version it allows you to get only a limited amount of data. You cannot get in-detail insights.

Use Bumper For Second-hand Car Sales

Clear VIN

Clear VIN caters to the needs of detailed reports by partnering with the NMVTIS along with the US department of justice. You can retrieve the record on ownership, robbery, as well as insurance. It ensures the provision of highly precise information by establishing a such a level of partnership.


  • You can retrieve information even on truck history
  • Free system to get history on recalls
  • The website entitles sufficient information
  • Clear VIN offers unmatched reliability as well as accuracy


  • The database is not very huge. You may not be able to get the data on the intended vehicle
  • Clear VIN site often does not offer quick service

Visit ClearVIN For History Reports

Why should you choose the Best VIN Decode for Toyota? 

Consider these steps to find the best VIN decoder tool for Toyota:

  • What is the size of the database that a particular VIN tool is offering? If the size is too small then you may experience no data regarding your vehicle 
  • Cross-check the sources of the decoder tool. If the sources are legit or authentic. If you can trust them regarding their accuracy or precision.
  • The algorithm a specific tool is using to decode the vehicle data or in data retrieval. If it is secure and reliable
  • If the tool provides limited data when you are using it for free. In the case is yes then you should avoid using this tool.
  • Determine the popularity of the tool in the market. Sometimes it does not play a great role in finding the best VIN decoder. Because some new tools exceed old VIN decoders by offering much more in service.


As there are a lot of Toyota VIN decoders exist in the market. Most people find it confusing which one to choose. But you dont need to worry, by reading the above 5 best free VIN decoders now you have your answers. You can choose any one by considering the pros and cons of the VIN decoder tools.

The best VIN decoder does matter when it comes to decoding the details of your vehicle. The wrong tool may lead you to a faulty investment. In case you need inquiry on any of the tools mentioned above. Please contact us through the comment or by email. We would truly love to help you in this regard.


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