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5 Predictions for the Future of Mobile Gaming

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Caption: The lucrative mobile gaming industry is going to grow even faster in the near future

The mobile gaming industry is flourishing. It’s a market that is forecasted to be worth a whopping $272 billion by the year 2030, representing an annual growth rate of 11%. These exciting figures show us that major milestones in the sector are not far off, however what exactly are these predictions that support the claim that mobile gaming will continue to advance dramatically? In this article we take a look at five expectations for the industry’s future climate.

#1-New Technologies Will Continue to Enhance Gameplay

Technology and the progression of the mobile gaming industry go hand-in-hand. Nowadays, a variety of fancy gadgets and next-generation simulations from Virtual Reality headsets to Wearables, Cloud Gaming, and Artificial Intelligence permeate the market. These tools enhance the user experience across the board, making gaming more convenient and attractive. In the future as more tech developments come onto the scene and the ones already in existence improve in their functionalities, the industry will flourish in ways we can’t even predict right now.

#2-The Expansion of 5G Will Grow the Industry Even More

One of the technologies that will grow the industry is undoubtedly the widespread expansion of 5G networks. Although many smartphones are already equipped with 5G, most areas around the world still can’t enjoy it since it is being released gradually. However, because the 5G network is 10x faster than its predecessor 4G, the more it is available, the better the gaming experience will become. 5G reaches speeds of 100Mbps, which means lower latency rates, more opportunities for cloud gaming, and multiplayer settings.

For example, if a gamer is playing a version of blackjack with other users in an online casino platform, they will experience much quicker load times and fluidity in gameplay thanks to 5G. In the same way, a player who frequently engages in city building games for Android will be able to build the universe of their dreams much quicker with 5G. As the network reaches more locations and smartphones, sky’s the limit for the mobile gaming industry.

#3-Social Components of Mobile Gaming Will Play a More Significant Role

Nowadays, many mobile games already contain social components in their functionalities, whether it be through the presence of a chat box, push notifications, or the opportunity to connect with social media data. These features not only drive more connectivity in gaming communities, but also promote engagement amongst like-minded individuals who identify as gamers. In the future developers will begin to design more and more games with social components in mind.

Caption: Nowadays, it’s common for gaming brands to advertise content in the middle of games and also on popular social media networks

#4-In-Game Ads Will Become More Prevalent

As tech advances, so does the way gaming brands choose to market their products. In today’s mobile gaming environment, many players will notice promotional content or ‘in-game ads’, monetization strategies used by marketers to boost engagement, appearing in between certain levels or sections of a specific game.

Mobile app marketers have designed these advertisements to target gamers where they are at, suggesting specific games based on playing history. This is actually a genius marketing strategy that is becoming more and more prevalent, especially on mobile gaming apps.

#5-Gaming as a Spectator Sport Will Gain More Traction

Gaming is slowly but surely on its way to becoming a popular spectator sport. Just take the growing audience of Esports fans as an example. Here, gamers come from all around the world to watch their favorite professionals battle it out in stadium venues much like a conventional sporting event.

Even if they cannot attend in person, platforms like Twitch and Steam have made it possible for gamers to tune in online and through mobile apps, viewing competitions remotely and cheering on their preferred players and leagues from the sidelines. As theses streaming platforms become more and more lucrative, the mobile gaming sector will as well.

These are just a few of the trends that will drive the future of mobile gaming, but at this point it’s impossible to predict the future as even a single shift in technology can change everything.

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