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5 Reasons to Use Drupal for Your eCommerce Website in 2023

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The number of people who prefer online shopping is exploding in 2023 — the reality your business must comply with. No need to leave the comfort of the armchair: everything, from food and clothes to furniture and even services, can be ordered online.

Today, Drupfan Drupal consultant talks about eCommerce and explains how Drupal can benefit online store web development. Stay tuned!

Benefits of Drupal eCommerce

With the Drupal Commerce module, this content management system becomes perfect for the development of online stores. Unlike pre-made eCommerce platforms, Drupal offers a wide range of options for web design and rich functionality setups. Due to the high level of customizability, Drupal suits any business from one-page online stores to global enterprises.

  • High level of security

It is crucial to keep an online store a safe place and protect it from cyber-attacks and malicious code. Regular Drupal security updates will easily turn your website into an impenetrable fortress.

  • Mobile-first approach

As more people use their phones for online shopping, it is vital to make an online store look and function well on all devices.

  • Multilingual capability

Increase your sales by reaching people across the globe. Drupal supports 100+ languages out of the box.

  • Easy payment gateways integrations

Drupal eCommerce allows for 3rd party integration with payment systems, such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, etc.

  • Flexible shipping methods

Drupal helps to configure various shipping methods for the online store with ease.

Let Drupfan Professionals Create a Top-Notch Online Store Just for Your Needs

Whether you need to build an online store from scratch or update your existing platform, Drupfan Drupal consultants are here to guide you throughout the whole web development & support process. Hire the Drupfan team today and turn your website into a successful sales-generating online business.

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