5 reasons why you should get an online CPR course certification

Education is expensive, and only some people wish to go through the grind. Most people want to gain essential skills and start working as soon as possible. But, continuing education is necessary for growth and development. Taking an online certification course can help you with learning something new. Many online courses also provide CEU. These highlight your expertise in the subject. You can also keep your license active with more CE units for specific courses.

Life-saving courses like AED and CPR come in handy. You don’t only gain knowledge through these courses and learn more about the human body. You also know about the fundamental difference between offline and online studies. This article looks into the benefits of taking a CPR online certification

What are the advantages of taking a CPR online certification?

Life keeps everyone busy, but you must learn things that help society. Taking a CPR certification comes with many advantages, as mentioned below. You can volunteer for organizations that help the needy. You can even take courses that give you the knowledge to assist others in need.

  1. Accident Assistance: CPR teaches you to promptly approach an unconscious patient and not leave them to die. Most people do not wish to help accident patients for fear of police questioning. However, with a CPR certification, you stay protected under the Good Samaritan Law.
  2. Choking Assistance: People who learn CPR can also help with choking incidences. When the windpipe gets blocked, the body goes into shock. It often leads to cardiac arrest. Even if you manage to dislodge the piece that causes choking, you may need CPR if the patient suffers a cardiac arrest.
  3. Understanding AED: A CPR course combined with AED teaches the use of the defibrillator. If you reach a patient quickly, you may not need the AED. But many people require an extra jolt to restart their hearts. Learning to use an AED machine can increase the patient’s chances of survival.
  4. Identify Cardiac Arrest: While addressing a cardiac arrest is vital, it is essential to identify its symptoms. Cardiac arrest does not announce itself with loud signs. The patients could feel an irregular heart rhythm or cold sweats. But, they often neglect these as tiredness and carry on. A certificated bystander can identify signs of cardiac arrest and help the patient on priority.
  5. Learning Anatomy: You get detailed knowledge of human anatomy by taking a CPR course. Knowing the working of the heart and lungs when delivering CPR is essential. You also gain knowledge about their physiology by taking child and infant CPR.

Who benefits from taking online classes? 

A CPR course is for everyone willing to learn and help others. Children above 12 should take this course to satisfy their parents and elders. However, the below-mentioned people benefit from online classes.

  1. Working Professionals: Working takes almost 8 to 9 hours of the day. Then there is the time needed to travel to and from your home. In totality, you spend close to 12 hours outside of the house in a day. Working professionals can utilize online classes for upskilling when they have left. They need not take physical courses in the morning and waste paid offs.
  2. Students: Time management could get complicated if you are a student and wish to learn some extra courses. School usually takes up most of your time. But online classes give you the flexibility to study at your own pace.
  3. Parents: Every parent spends endless hours cleaning the house and looking after their children. But staying prepared for a medical emergency is also a part of parenting. Online courses are a breath of fresh air for parents who can learn something new at night.
  4. People With Location Crises: While most people try to take physical classes, you could live in the countryside. These places usually have fewer colleges that provide upskilling courses. You should take online classes and learn new skills.
  5. Job Seekers: Do you wish to take up a new job but lack the skill for it on paper? You can always take an online course to enhance your resume. You could improve your chances of landing your dream job with the right course.

What makes online classes better than offline ones?

Education of any kind adds value. Another essential characteristic of education is that it always goes to use. While the classroom teaching method seems familiar, online studies have advantages, as mentioned below.

  1. Cost Effective: Online courses usually charge less than their offline counterparts. These courses do not need infrastructure; hence they save money. Most institutes providing online courses also offer EMI options for payments. You can maintain your monthly budget and study something new through these channels.
  2. Self-Paced: Online education provides the most significant advantage of self-paced learning. It means you can learn at any time of the day. Self-paced learning also means studying as much as possible in a day.
  3. Interactive Learning: Unlike textbook learning, online courses have interactive classes. You often get videos to demonstrate the process, which helps with a detailed understanding of the subject.
  4. Student Support: Only some universities offer you a dedicated student counselor. But online classes have dedicated people who help you out. You can reach out to them for queries and extensions as well.
  5. Location Flexiblity: After self-paced, the next best advantage of taking online classes is its location flexibility. You only need the internet and a laptop to take an online course. It is optional for you to live in a particular city or travel to college.


A CPR Online certification is one of the best investments to make in yourself. By learning this course, you know about the body and techniques to save a fellow human’s life. It can give you a chance to actualize your superhero moment. Taking this course highlights your intention to help people. It also adds to your continuing education units. The American HealthCare Academy has comprehensive courses on CPR and AED. Instructors from AHA and OSHA put together their course, making it adhere to every required guideline. To start your CPR journey, log onto the AHCA website today.

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