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5 Signs That Bedbugs Are Present

We all know that bed bugs are insects that feed on the blood of living creatures. It appears reddish brown with no wings, almost the size of a seed. Due to their color and appearance, it is almost impossible to spot them, but worry not, that’s why backyard comfort & pest control are here for. So, let us understand five signs that will make sure that bedbugs are present in your home. Without any further delay, let us plunge straight into the topic. 

5 Signs That Bedbugs Are Present

1. Bed Bugs Bite

If you notice tiny red and itchy bumps around your arms, hands, and legs, understand something is wrong. Your home is infested with bed bugs. Waking up with skin irritation gives you a signal that you need to get your home inspected. 

2. Stale and Damp Smell

Without any apparent reason, you will come across an uncommon musty odor. It will smell like rusted molded laundry.

3. Blood Marks on White Sheet

It might have happened that you noticed unreasonable red stains. These will appear as small smudges on bedsheets, blankets, and your clothes. Thoroughly examining the pillow by removing the bedsheet will give you a clear picture. 

4. Begrimed Marks

Have you noticed tiny black and brown marks of almost a pen tip size? Be sure your home is infested. These marks come from the droppings of bed bugs. Bedsheets or curtains are not only the place to spot them. These marks can be visible on box springs, walls, headboards, etc. 

5. Shell Covering

Shell coverings are the exoskeleton shed by bedbugs. It appears to be yellowish-brown and is majorly translucent. If you spot shell coverings, then it is a sure sign that the infestation is severe. The shell coverings can be found in places such as curtains, furniture, holes, cracks, and crevices. Along with shell-covering white, oval-shaped bed bug eggs are another sign of bed bug infestation. These are easier to spot than live bed bugs.


Bed bugs are capable of reproducing, one to seven eggs per day, which can hatch within seven days. These eggs are visible to the naked eye. These nasty creatures cannot be removed alone, you would need the help of a professional bed bug exterminator. If you are still confused about if your home is infested or not the above signs will help.

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