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5 Simple Steps For Making Cartoon Explainer Videos

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Explainer videos have become the talk of the town in the advertising world. Nowadays, explainer videos are greatly used for designing effective ads and campaign strategies. Be it Google, Microsoft, or other prominent brands, they all use explainer videos. The videos are a fantastic way of promoting brands, values and goals. They are the most effective way to grab the audience’s attention, sell products, and deliver a strong message. You can add flair to the marketing campaign by making cartoon explainer videos. 

There are many benefits of using animated explainer videos like they help in increasing web traffic and boosting search engine optimization. Plus, these videos help simplify complex concepts in an easy way and are easy to share. The videos are short but impactful and are effective in getting higher conversion rates, and have a vast reach. 

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Some of the best and most popular explainer videos are GoAnimate, MySimpleShow, Biteable, VideoScribe, Adobe Spark, and Renderforest. 

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Step By Step Guide For Making Cartoon Explainer Videos

1. Write A Script For Cartoon Explainer Videos

A good script is the main protagonist of any explainer video, so it is important to write a good script. It’s best practice to write a script for a cartoon explainer video all by yourself, or you can hire a production company. Write a script according to the target customer’s weak points, frequently occurring errors and confusion that need to be addressed. Before making perfect animated explainer videos do some research via surveys or online polls to find out the problems in video making. 

You can also take the help of many software applications like Canava, Adobe Spark, GoAnimate,  MySimpleShow and more. 

2. Audio Recording For VoiceOvers

After scripting, shift your attention to a voice-over by choosing audio recording software and monitoring audio levels. Further, edit your voice-over and export the audio file, then import your voice-over audio into video editing software. Lastly, sync your voice-over with your video and check your video. However, you can also take some help through the following applications:

  • Fiverr: Get a decent voiceover from a large network of professional voice actors. The starting price of the voice-over software starts from $5. 
  • Audacity: The software is best for professional recordings, and it is free, open-source software that can be downloaded for Mac or Windows. 
  • Murf text to speech: The software provides the best natural sound effects of studio-like quality. 

3. Cartoon Explainer Video Production

 The cartoon explainer video production can be done in many different ways; some of the prominent ones are:

  • Take the help of production companies which can cost you around  $5,000 – $20,000 for their services. Wyzowl, Explainly, LessFilms, Yum Yum Videos,  Demo Duck and Studio Pigeon are some of the popular video explainer companies. 
  • For animated explainer videos, PowToon is a great source of help, especially for those who have no experience. Anybody with knowledge of basic computer skills can use this animated video explainer. The tutorial series teaches step-by-step methods of video creation. 
  •  You can make your cartoon explainer video with the help of your iPhone. DIY filming is an excellent way of filming cartoon explainer videos on a budget. iMovie or Camtasia are the best choices for video editing. Moreover, the animation toolkit from Salsify assists you by offering a wide range of resources and animation tools. 
  • You can also take help from freelancers; they can provide help in making high-quality animated explainer videos. The cost of hiring a freelancer is less than that of a large production house company. 

4. Add Music And Sound Effects To Cartoon Explainer Video

The addition of music and sound effects in animated explainer videos makes them more interesting and fun to watch. Let us discover some of the best places for adding music and sound effects:

  • Smilebox: Best for both Windows and Mac, but you have to create an account to add music to the cartoon explainer video. 
  • iMovie: Works only on Mac that allows you to add background music to your cartoon explainer video. Further, the software allows users to make videos in the form of slide shows that sync well with background music. 
  • Avidemux: The software works on windows only, and the main purpose of the software is video editing. But the software comes with the added advantage of filtering music files and avoids any kind of inconsistencies with the video. 

Alternatively, you can also opt for Ezvid, VirtualDub, Photo Story, Filmora Video Editor, YouTube, Audio jungle and Audacity.

5. Evaluate The Performance Of The Animated Explainer Video  

Estimate the performance of your cartoon explainer video with the help of YouTube insights or Google Analytics. Here you can get to details of how many viewers hit the 30 sec or 60-sec mark. The success of a cartoon explainer video can be calculated from the number of subscribers and click-through rates. Likewise, conversion rates, viewer dropoff and many other parameters also play a crucial role in the performance of videos. 

Winding Up 

Cartoon explainer videos are by far the best tools for designing ads and campaigning strategies. The article talks about the five simple steps in making cartoon explainer videos. A study proves that with the help of cartoon explainer videos, audiences are able to retain 95% of messages. 

Additionally, animated videos are very helpful in the easy explanation of simple topics. Animated explainer videos lead to a better understanding of the products, thus improving sales.

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