5 Things All Tourists Should Never Do in France

France is a romantic country, one that many couples dream about and want to visit together. Many girls have dreamed about being proposed in the front of the Eiffel tower, with all those lights around. And who wouldn’t? France is a beautiful country, and the French people are known for their “good taste” (“bon goût”) in almost any matter, starting with fashion and gastronomy and going even to their lifestyle. If you want to experience the French comfortable lifestyle for a while, book a ticket for France and then read this article, as it will bring you all the necessary information you need to know in order to have the best trip to France.

Don’t ignore your security

Any tourist should know the cultural code and values for a new country they intend to visit. In the following lines we describe some of the most common mistakes tourists do, but they should avoid, when going to France. If you don’t want to get those rolling eyes when you do something which seem to be wrong in front of a French person, then make sure you note down the advices bellow.

When traveling don’t forget about your safety

Even if you are in holidays and want to relax, do not forget about being vigilant regarding your personal information and money protection. Unknown numbers have started to call innocent tourists coming to a foreign country. Just as if they would not know the risks of being fooled by phone, scammers take advantage of them being newbies in another country and they try to steal their sensitive information or money. But all this should come to an end, as there are tools that you are provided with on the internet. Use the Annuaire inversé platform to check unknown numbers and to find out who is calling you and stay away from being victim of a scam by phone. It has never been easier to check someone’s identity only by inputting their phone number. Take advantage of the chance you have.

French people don’t offer hugs

I have only seen French people offering each other hugs when they are with family or very close friends. Don’t make the mistake of starting with a hug when you meet someone, as they will look at you like a weirdo. They rather have a cheek kissing protocol which they follow very “strictly”.

Don’t say French people are nationalist

Even if French people are nationalist and love their country and culture above all, don’t say this in front of them. Rather respect them for loving their country.

Don’t change menus at the restaurant

Think two times before ordering and don’t change the menu by adding or removing cheese, onion or tomatoes, for example. Make their work and your life easier by respecting their menus and gastronomical culture.

These are some advices we can give you in order to help you better adapt during your visit to France. Take advantage of any occasion to enjoy this!

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