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5 Things You Should Price Compare Online Before Buying

Online shopping has changed the way we buy items that are important to us. Whether it was accessing groceries online during the pandemic, to getting medicine delivered to us after requesting it on a pharmacy app, it’s truly a great sign of the way technology has improved the lives of many people.

Auto insurance quotes online are also one of the best ways that the web has allowed people who didn’t know how to shop for something to learn quickly and easily. Many comparison sites let you punch your information in and get dozens of potential insurance quotes that are good for you. 

We’ll talk about these things and many other items that should be shopped for online now. It would be negligent to ignore the ways that online shopping can help you save money and get things that were harder to buy before. 

#1 – Groceries

There are so many reasons why comparing the prices of groceries online and taking advantage of online grocery shopping have become so important. 

Grocery shopping is something we all have to do, and it became very dangerous during the height of the pandemic. People who have compromised health and underlying issues were afraid they were going to catch the disease if they went to the grocery store. Online grocery shopping was literally life-saving for people who didn’t want to be exposed. 

With the recent Buffalo, New York mass shooting, even more people are frightened that going to the store could be deadly. But not everyone knows how to shop online for groceries. 

Older shoppers may have trouble with online shopping, so younger people should always encourage their elders to go online and they will help with the things that get confusing. Many stores will send someone out to your car with the groceries, and delivery services like Uber can even allow you to stay at home and get the groceries at your door. 

Another upside of grocery shopping online is that many stores offer deals that are for digital purchases only. This incentivizes shopping online for the consumer because it is cheaper, and it helps grocery stores to sell more products and make more money. 

Comparing the prices of groceries at one store compared to another is so much easier than it was before. Searching out deals and coupons on each store’s app is better than having to go to each store in person and compare prices. Every person should at least get acquainted with online grocery stores and shopping in 2022. 

#2 – Medicine

As we talked about, older people and immunocompromised folks had a hard time during the height of the pandemic getting the supplies they needed. This was very true when it came to getting prescriptions and other medications. Pharmacies and drug stores worked hard with the postal service to provide shipping of essential medications to customers. 

Even as the pandemic has died down, it is still very relevant and timely for medicine to be bought online and shipped to a person’s house. Mark Cuban has an online pharmacy that sells commonly used medications for low prices. They can be shipped directly to your door. It is another sign that the future of so many necessities will be online. 

You can easily compare the price of these generic drugs compared to the prices you are paying at your regular pharmacy. You could save hundreds of dollars by shopping online for medicine this way. 

#3 – Insurance Quotes

Insurance is one of the things that we all need but constantly are confused about how to shop for it. As the internet has evolved to allow for easier online shopping, researching auto insurance has become much more user-friendly. 

There are many different sites you can go on to plug in the information that is needed to give you an insurance estimate. You need to give your age and gender, as well as the car you drive and where you live. Sometimes you also have to offer whether you have other people that you want to attach to your policy. 

This will give you a rough estimate of how much an insurance policy will cost for each company you search for. After you get this estimate, you can get more detailed information from the insurance company you choose. 

These sites don’t serve as a substitute for an agent, but they allow beginners who don’t know much about insurance to see the ways different pieces of information affect your policy. 

You can also use online quotes to compare key differences between large and small insurance companies. This saves you time from going to each company in-person and asking questions about their rates. You can do the comparing yourself. 

#4 – Clothing 

Whether wedding bells are ringing and you’re searching for dresses, or your little one needs new shoes for school, online shopping has revolutionized the world of clothing. Clothing stores compete with each other to give their customers the best deals when shopping online. 

When there’s a big holiday event like Black Friday, some stores have tried to encourage people to stay inside and shop online by making prices cheaper than inside the physical store  location. Just like with grocery shopping, there are apps you can download to get coupons and digital discounts. 

Amazon and Walmart have established themselves as the premiere clothing retailers in the online space. You should always start with these two sites and then compare them to other smaller stores that might have unique deals to compete with the big companies. 

#5 – Video Games

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Shopping for them online has a lot of advantages over buying physical copies. 

Sometimes big companies like Nintendo and Sony have the same games that you would buy in a store on sale for less money in their online shop. 

You can also look for used copies of games online before buying a new copy, and this is much easier with online shopping than it was years ago with only retail locations. 

No matter whether you need some fun or some essentials, online shopping gives you the advantage of checking prices and getting great deals you otherwise wouldn’t receive. If you have older friends and family who are not technologically savvy, you should encourage them to get used to shopping online so they can save money. 

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, He wants to help people find better insurance rates by shopping online rather than in-person. 

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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