5 Tips to Boost Your Business with Custom Rigid Boxes

To cope with the latest business challenges, i.e., generating high sales with high-profit margins, you just have to hit the actual needs of your customers. But it’s not as easy as ABC! However, it’s not impossible as well. 

All you need to have is some innovative and trendy practices about your sales methods. So, I will tell you all those tips and tricks to boost your business with custom rigid boxes. In this blog, you will learn how lightweight rigid boxes are much heavier on your business sales and revenues.

Custom Rigid Boxes; The Power Button of Business Sales

The only way to boost your business is to grab your customers’ attention with the appealing look of your products. The luxurious and plush look of your products is not enough for this. You have to make their packaging more alluring as well. 

Hence, the only powerful solution to this situation is introducing customized rigid boxes to enclose your delicate and fancy products. Customization of your packaging boxes with creative and effective ideas can grab your customers with a more positive impact than old brown boxes. 

So, let’s delve into the magical tips of enhancing your ordinary rigid boxes into extraordinary ones with a long-lasting spell on your customers!

Amplify Your Sales with 5 Magical Ideas You Never Know

Amplifying your sales with just tiny customized boxes is not so hard if you will do what I will tell you. You have to discover new trends to follow your dream success. You didn’t know how your customers get obsessed with luxurious rigid boxes around your products. 

So, as evidence of this, Future Market Insight has revealed that “The global market of luxury rigid boxes has estimated the value at 4.0 billion USD till 2022. By 2030, they are estimated to reach up to 5.4 billion USD at a CAGR of 3.9%.”

Now, let’s move on to magical ideas to adopt!

Customize with Alluring Closure Design

Add a rich and posh touch to the closure designs of printed rigid Customized boxes to give a plush look to your products and their packaging. A rich look doesn’t mean putting on too much expensive material around them.

It is all about adding eye-catching and elegant ribbons and bows on the front side of a packaging box. Either you can add a silver or gold foiling around the custom rigid boxes. Similarly, an alluring and fancy embossing and debossing touch can also give waving effects to your products on the shelves. Thus, you will have a mind-blowing elevation in your sales. 

Add Multitasking Functionality

Multitasking has become the need of the hour for every business aspect. Everyone now wants to reap a lot of benefits within one go. Thus, if you are a business person having delicate, fragile, and fancy items, then a rigid box with a luxurious look can be the best solution. 

These extraordinary boxes can help you to give extraordinary safety to your products while maintaining their plush and rich look. Meanwhile, you have to design them in a way with a reusability feature that will be the all-star to boost your sales.

Provide Playful Unboxing Experience

You can leave long-lasting impressions on your customers and urge them to repurchase your products by providing them with a joyous unboxing experience. But how to add a joyous and playful touch to create a momentous customer experience?

The straightforward answer is adding some puzzles or playful elements like rolling stuff on the outer side of your custom rigid boxes. Through these creative elements, your customers will get engaged for a long time and love to share their experiences, ultimately elevating your business.

Design Inserts For Inside Products

Suppose your products are delicate and fancy having a chance to break or become misshapen; then you must focus on their safety measures first. Through this method, your products will have a proper fixture-like space and remain safe throughout their supply process. 

Meanwhile, keep in mind to design these inserts with enticing and alluring shapes. Their quality and looks matter a lot to satisfy your customers and increase your sales.

Ensure Durability with Eco-Friendly Material

While ensuring the durability of your packaging boxes, you cannot compromise their environmental footprints. You have to make sure to use green materials like biodegradable materials.

Paperboard and chipboard are the best material for this purpose. Thus, you can build trust in being an eco-friendly company and thus engage your customers deliberately. 

Pen Off; Discovering Snowballing Effect of Rigid Boxes

To summarize the discussion, I will relate the results of using custom rigid boxes with the snowballing effect. No doubt, these boxes are more expensive than regular packaging boxes. 

But they can significantly impact your sales if you follow the above incredible tips. 

To ensure the snowballing effect in elevating your business sales, Vive Printing is the best platform to serve you 24/7. Thus, just move on to get unbeatable business success with smart decisions. 


How customization of rigid boxes builds effective brand perception?

When you customize your rigid packaging boxes with your brand name and logo, then that creates an effective brand perception about your idealistic products.

Why should I choose expensive printed rigid boxes over regular boxes?

No doubt, the customized rigid packaging is more expensive, but it will engage your customers with more density. Thus, boosting sales will pay you back, which is why you switch on these boxes.

How can I get the best-customized boxes for my products?

Many online platforms serve with customized boxes, but Vive Printing is a more optional solution that can serve with its best offers within your budget. 

What is the standard size of a rigid box?

A rigid box may be in different sizes and shapes while manufacturing them with customization. You can have their length, width, and height according to your product.

Which is the best material for custom rigid boxes?

Chipboard is the best material for rigid packaging used by many well-known companies. The chipboard is made from recycled material and is very eco-friendly.  

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