5 Tips to Make a Perfect English Essay

What makes a good essay? Well, there is an entire list. If you want to craft a piece that leaves an impression, incorporate all the ingredients that make your paper outstanding. But, what are those ingredients? To learn about them in detail, continue reading.

English Essay Writing Tips

Writing perfect english essays can be challenging for many students. However, with the correct guidelines and some practical tips to follow, students can craft an exceptional piece. Thereby, we’ve put together some tips to help you write a perfect paper.

Use an Online Thesaurus and a Dictionary

One of the keys to writing a good essay is using a dictionary or online thesaurus. Words have the power to resonate your thoughts into a message that you aim to convey to the audience. In any paper, especially an English essay, alluring vocabulary sets the tone. Rightly used words will make an argument strong enough to establish your thesis. Before jumping into writing straight away, create a pool of words using an online thesaurus or a good English dictionary. Try to collect as much as possible vocabularies, words, phrases, idioms, some old wine English antique words, matching your topic of discussion and the argument. This process will not only improve your vocabulary over time but also make your writing piece vibrant and dynamic. Words can give tone to your thoughts. It can grasp the reader’s attention and make you win the argument. Remember, don’t overdo it. A good essay is self-explanatory. Keep it easygoing. Make the reader absorb the essence of your views through using bewitching words. Make sure your vocabulary looks strategically placed in your sentence.

Make sure the words you use have the same meaning you intend to convey to the audience. Use an online thesaurus for this purpose. It will let you have synonyms for the words that you might have to repeat. Your paper won’t is a boring one with a bunch of different words with similar meanings to avoid repetition.

Do not spare paper for drafts

Want to know how to write the best essay? Writing the first draft is an extremely crucial phase in the writing process. It allows the writer to fuse their thoughts and establish a strong argument. Since it’s an initial stage, several students are often ignorant of its importance. They simply write down a piece of writing and submit it to the teacher. There are no first or final drafts for them. As a result, they wind up submitting pieces that may have been refined and polished. And, this leads to not-so-good marks.

Therefore, before you think your first draft is the final version, read it and edit it. In your first draft, you can roughly:

  • Write an introduction;
  • Jot down your ideas and arguments with evidence to support them;
  • Conclude the arguments.

If you had been wondering how to write a perfect essay, take note draft is an essential part of the process. Once you’re done with the first draft, ensure the following:

  • The structure is correct;
  • You have used the right format;
  • Your introduction has a hook and a thesis statement;
  • Your strongest arguments are in the first and last paragraph of your body;
  • Your conclusion does not repeat the same words.

Once you’re sure, the entire piece is following the right structure and is making sense, reread. This time makes sure:

  • All your paragraphs are well connected and flowing smoothly into each other;
  • All your sentences are sensible;
  • There are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes.

While reading your piece, you may enhance the expressions by altering the vocab. You may also remove some sections or sentences that seem irrelevant. But, ensure you are meeting the given word count. Once your final draft is ready, submit it before the deadline.

Use a strong argument

You will find many tips to write a good essay on different student help websites with one tip in common: “use a strong argument.” Your argument is the backbone of your piece. It is simply a make or break for your paper. So, have a clear picture of what your stance is. You should have a clear understanding of the main idea to craft a defendable argument.

Design the argument in a way that doesn’t leave any loopholes later in the document.  Remember, you either have to persuade the reader to your outlook of the side. In this case, you’ll have taken one side and focus on it till the end to prove your position. However, if you’re writing an analytical piece, argue both sides to polish your thesis. This will develop a strong argumentative analysis of the topic. For instance, you might be writing a paper arguing people should drink less tea. By arguing both sides, you now know the opposite side as well.

Have a clear structure

One of the answers to how to write a better essay is a clear structure. If your ideas/arguments are strong but you don’t follow a proper structure, your essay can be a fail. To gain maximum marks, you need to ensure your paper has a clear structure. Since there are different types of essays, the structure may vary slightly from essay to essay. However, the basic structure remains the same, which is:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion.

When writing an introduction, ensure it includes a thesis. Also, make sure your introduction is short and precise.

When it comes to the body, use each of your arguments in a different paragraph. Your body may include two to four paragraphs, depending on the word count.  Remember to use evidence to support each of your arguments. This evidence may include a fact, real-life example, statistics, or a quote from a credible published source.

Ask someone to proofread

Ask a friend who is a native English speaker to edit your final draft. This will let you refine ideas and proofread the piece for errors or spellings. Make sure you read it aloud twice to check the flow. Ask friends or siblings to listen to your essay and give feedback. Make sure the final version of the essay is free from mistakes and grammatical errors; you don’t want all the hard work to go in vain because of little silly inaccuracies.

Now that you know how to write essays better don’t forget to use these tips. You may be tempted to ignore one or two of these tips. But, they are sure to help you craft a piece that compels. So, make sure you incorporate them when starting to write.

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