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5 Tips to win money in Singapore sports betting

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For several years, many players have earned incredibly from betting on their favourite player, team, or sports. The sports betting Singapore market provides an avenue to have access to numerous bet options and exciting odds. However, getting access to bets and competitive odds is one thing; earning money from experience is another. For this reason, players need to take proactive actions in Singapore sports betting.

Part of the proactive action starts with betting on a trusted and verified online casino Singapore. In this regard, Maxim88 has served the online bettor’s community for several years. From having access to multiple sportsbooks, exciting odds, sports markets, and bonuses to helpful customer support, Maxim88 offers everything to enjoy online sports betting Singapore. The secured and swift payment methods ensure players can withdraw their winnings quickly and safely on the betting site.

For these reasons, the popularity and wide acceptance of Maxim88 are understandable. Now, the next most important things are the player’s actions and activities. With some little actions, you can bolster your chances of winning money from online sports betting Singapore. If you are new to sports betting or like to take your bet game to a whole new and rewarding level, below are expert tips to raise your winning standard:

1. Master the basics of sports betting in Singapore

For an online sports bettor that wants to win money, the first thing to do is to learn. Understandably, most players simply create an account, deposit their money, and proceed to pick the bet in their favourite sport. However, if you want to stand out, be ready to do the extraordinary. One of the extras to do is to understand the basics of  Singapore sports betting. 

This starts with familiarizing yourself with your preferred sports. If you would love to bet on Soccer games, Tennis games or Rugby, consider learning the games. Know the best team, top players, and their progress. Also, you want to know the meaning of each bet and how the odds are calculated by the sportsbook. These bets are usually straightforward to understand, including the odds calculation. Having background knowledge puts you in a better position compared to someone without any. 

2. Budgeting and discipline

As a player who is committed to making steady revenue from sports betting online, be ready to learn budgeting and master discipline. This is important for various reasons. First off, without proper budgeting, you can lose your entire bankroll in a blink of an eye. This can hamper your feelings and emotions, leading to more uncalculated moves and further losses. In the end, you may not earn anything from online sports betting.

Contrarily, budgeting is a smart way to get started. From the start, set money for your short-term goals and long-term goals. Fix specific amounts for different games and try to spread your investment in different sports or matches. This is a professional strategy to enhance your winning chances and lower your losing possibility. Once you have set specific budgets for each game, ensure that you stick with it – this is where discipline comes in. Don’t mismanage your bankroll because you are on a winning streak or insist on playing more because you want to recover your losses. 

3. Go for leagues with value

This expert tip doesn’t only apply to leagues but also specific games. Bettors are widely advised to look for games, leagues, or sports with high values. These options usually feature high betting limits and are more rewarding. Understandably, soccer is widely known as a valuable sports market to consider. However, there are other options worth looking into, including Tennis games, American football, Basketball, etc.

Also, consider the timing when picking your bet with value. For instance, the CMD368 sportsbook may place a high stake in the premier league match before kickoff. If you stake at that hour, you will have more value to benefit from compared to when you bet on the same market a week before the commencement of the competition. Some in-play bets feature high winning chances as well, especially if you are familiar with the sports. 

4. Take advantage of bonuses

Many experienced sports bettors have mastered the art of using bonuses and promos to win more. And it’s highly recommended for both newbies and returning bettors. Also, it’s one of the key reasons to assess an online casino before signing up. Choosing to play on Maxim88 means you have many lucrative offers to explore on the gaming site. Whether you choose to play via CMD368, BTi -Sports or Saba-Sports, Maxim88 ensures players have access to numerous options.

Among the bonuses worth exploring as a sports bettor in the online casino Singapore includes Crypto Deposit Bonus, Maxim88 Weekly Cash Back, Michael Owen Welcome Bonus, etc. These generous offers enable players to spend less of their money when betting, enjoy more gaming sessions and boost their winning rate. In fact, some experts do not end up spending their budget for a betting session after taking advantage of bonuses. So, consider harnessing promos on your online casino Singapore. 

5. Use statistics and not emotions

Here is arguably the most important tip to keep in mind when playing sports betting Singapore, or esports betting online. Avoiding your emotions and attachment to a particular team or player when choosing a bet may seem easier. But it’s more difficult than you think. This will become even more apparent during the FIFA World Cup 2022, with many bettors rooting for their country or star player. 

However, betting based on your emotions will do you no good – players’ experiences have shown this over the years. Instead, you’ll be betting smartly by checking forms of teams, available players, head-to-head records, and scoring records. This set of statistics will help you make an informed decision compared to using your emotion. So, if you really want to make money from online betting, be ready to exploit the stats provided by the sportsbook and do your own research too. 


Mastering sports betting Singapore, including types of bets, sports markets, use of stats, etc., is a great way to start your sports betting experience. Afterwards, consider having a specific budget for a betting session or weekly betting session. More importantly, exercise discipline and know when to quit. Do your research and find leagues and sports with high value. 

Next, check the bonuses on the betting site and harness them. Don’t forget to use statistics in making your decision, and pay less attention to emotions. If you can remember these tips and apply them, you are more likely to win a lot of bucks on Maxim88 or any online casino playing sports bets. Good luck!

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