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5 Top of the Places to Stay with Your Family in Gangnam

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One of the wisest choices you’ll make when planning your visit to Seoul is likely to be choosing to stay at one of the nicest hotels in Gangnam, one of Seoul’s wealthier districts.

Most people are familiar with Gangnam thanks to the brilliant song by the well-known Korean artist Psy. Fewer still are aware that Gangnam is one of Seoul’s best popular districts for accommodation and that the greatest hotels in Seoul are located there.

With the help of our list of top hotels in Gangnam, find the ideal accommodations.

Top hotels and suggested accommodation options in Gangnam

1.     Park Hyatt Seoul

The Park Hyatt Seoul provides quick access to many of the best Gangnam attractions. Because of its position on a main roadway. COEX Seoul and Seven Luck Casino are both within five minutes walk of you the center of 강남초원의집. Additionally, Gangnam Station and Lotte World are only a short bus drive away, allowing you to check off a lot of your tourist priorities.

2.     Andaz Seoul Gangnam

At the northern end of the area is the Andaz Seoul Gangnam, another five-star hotel with a wonderful location. From the well-known Apgujeong Rodeo Street, it is only a short walk. The premium restaurants and several department stores on the well-known fashion street reflect the opulence of the nearby hotels.

3.     Dormy Inn Seoul Gangnam

Dormy Inn Seoul Gangnam is a four-star hotel just on the west side of the area. Further away from the excitement. Some of the biggest attractions, such as Lotte World and Gangnam Station, are still accessible by walking.

The well-furnished guest rooms of Dormy Inn Seoul Gangnam offer a comfortable place to rest your head at night. Although the rooms are a little tiny, the pleasant atmosphere is created by neutral colors and natural wood furnishings.

4.     GLAD Live Gangnam

GLAD Live Gangnam is a stylish four-star hotel with spotless, cozy rooms that offers a quiet escape from a hectic sightseeing day. It’s a fantastic option for people who enjoy peaceful surroundings and are considering where to stay in Gangnam because it’s a little bit further from the major attractions.

The hotel is a short walk from Eonju Subway Station if you do not wish to travel far. There are several different shops, cafes, and meeting spaces close to the station.

5.     GLAD Gangnam COEX Center

GLAD Gangnam COEX Center, which is located inside the sizable conference centre, is a preferred option for people looking for quick public transportation accessibility. Shortly after leaving the hotel, you can board a bus or use the subway. The COEX Mall, which has dozens of stores and eateries, is located directly across the street from the centre.

The only problem with this location is the tight facilities within GLAD Gangnam COEX Center. Fortunately, the nearby bus stop and subway station allow you to spend more time researching the neighborhood. The hotel is close to a number of department stores, and Bongeunsa Temple and other sights are just either or two stops out.

Final Verdict:

Seoul is likely to be your main stop if you travel to South Korea. It’s a vast city with many different areas, each with its own atmosphere. Old temples can be explored, as well as museums, tea houses, all-night parties, and delicious street food. Finding a place to stay, though, might be difficult. What restaurants are there in Seoul? You can find out where to stay in Seoul from our guide. It also lists the top hotels and localities in Seoul.

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