5 Top Wedding Trends You’ll Love for Your Wedding

Tying the knot during the 2023 wedding season? Then you are one of the many couples who are looking forward to this spring and summer with the anticipation of a bright future with their new husband or wife. This sense of renewed optimism is nowhere less visible than in some of this year’s most popular wedding trends.

Whether it is the dress, the decor, or the dance, 2023 is shaping up to be a year of celebration and mirth. Fresh spins on old traditions and bright, cheerful vibes are dominating the wedding industry this year, and we are here for it.

We’ve found 5 of the top wedding trends this season that are sure to inspire and excite you for your own big day.

5. Eclectic Bridesmaids

While uniform, simple looks for the bridal party have been a mainstay for decades, brides this year are opting for more individualized looks. After all, your bridesmaids are each unique in their own way – so why not let them show it? 

This trend can be as coordinated as each bridesmaid wearing the same dress in a different colorway, or as varied as letting each girl wear a completely different silhouette and fabric. 

What’s great about this trend is that it not only adds creativity to your wedding, but it allows your bridesmaids to create bespoke looks that they can re-wear for different occasions – no more plain, matching dresses gathering dust in the back of the closet!

4. Outdoor Ceremonies

Before the pandemic, couples in the UK could only book outdoor weddings at venues that featured a licensed structure, such as a bandstand. However, these restrictions were lifted during the pandemic, and proved to be so popular that they were recently done away with altogether. 

Couples all over the world are following suit, and outdoor ceremonies, receptions and even after-parties are becoming more popular now than ever before. They are also adding traditional elements like the signing of the wedding ketubah to amplify the magical feeling of planning an outdoor ceremony. And it’s not difficult to see why!

Outdoor spaces provide beautiful natural scenery that don’t need to be covered up by decorations, and the right lighting during the evening can easily elevate a space into something magical.

3. Bridesmaid Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress is proving to be the number one choice for bridal parties this year, and we agree – it’s a winner. It’s flattering on nearly every body type, and looks great no matter the length you choose. And despite being so simple and comfortable, they lend an air of elegance to a bridal party that is hard to beat.

The versatility of the wrap dress is probably its best selling point. Whether you’re attending a spring, summer, or even a fall wedding, it’s not hard to find a beautiful wrap dress just right for the occasion. 

2. Floral Wedding Gowns

The stark white wedding gown has been on the decline for years. According to a study published in 2021, nearly 30% of brides say that they prefer to eschew the classic white wedding dress in favor of something less traditional.

That trend continues this year, with elegant floral patterns dominating the spring and summer collections of many designers. Monique Ihuillier’s spring collection features taupe, white and ivory gowns embroidered all over with delicate florals, while Ines Di Santo’s spring and fall bridal collections are brimming with blossoms in powder blue, blush and lilac.

1. Colors, Colors and More Colors

While weddings in recent years have grown smaller and simpler, there’s no reason they have to grow more somber as well. The 2023 wedding season has fully embraced the feeling of celebration, with bright and bold colors expressing the joy and elegance of the event.

Jewel tones and deep, rich earth colors are showing up in bridal party dresses, as well as tablecloths and accents for all seasons. Emerald green, terra cotta, and cobalt blue are trending on social media as the colors of choice for couples who want their wedding to feel fresh, festive, and unforgettable.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta – a bold and vibrant color that is inspired by one of the strongest pigments in nature. We can look forward to seeing Viva Magenta shining brightly in floral centerpieces, invitations, and patterned linens this year.


If you’ve been holding in your urge to go all-out for your wedding, then this season is the one for you. This is the year to make your wedding one to remember, and to express your hope for a bright and beautiful union until death do you part.

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